The Bachelorette, Week 6 recap

Aaron, for the uniformed, is the star quarterback of the NFL's Green Bay Packers. Jordan spouts a good line when he tells JoJo he can't wait for his mama to meet her, somehow making this a smooth moment to bring up the potential in-laws while they're hot and heavy in a hot tub.

May names Johnson Foreign Minister

On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, and was replaced at 10 Downing Street by Theresa May. Cameron had earlier congratulated May as he left 10 Downing Street for the last time with his wife and children. The decision to make Johnson foreign minister was a "sign of the political crisis" in the United Kingdom following the Brexit vote, Jean-Marc Ayrault said in a radio interview.

Charles Barkley believes Kevin Durant is cheating by joining Warriors

Charles Barkley believes Kevin Durant is cheating by joining Warriors

It was organic, it was authentic, it was real, it was feelings that I couldn't ignore. I can't really control how you feel, I'm sorry you feel that way. Love or hate the move, it's going to be a lot of fun to watch. If the Warriors win a ring with KD , everyone will be like, " duh, they have Kevin Durant ".

Sanders Endorses Clinton, But Colorado's Democratic Delegates Are Still Split

Speaking in front of some of his most passionate supporters - having won the New Hampshire primary in February - Mr. Sanders announced that Ms. Clinton "must become our next president". "During the previous year, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to speak to more than 1.4 million Americans at rallies in nearly every state in our country", he said.

What we know about Nice attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

French President Francois Hollande arrived in the city on Friday morning and visited victims at a hospital. Molins confirms the attacker is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, known to police for petty crime and violence but not suspected Islamist militancy.

JPMorgan's profits fall 2 percent; bank beats expectations

In JPMorgan's consumer bank, net revenue gained 4 percent to $11.45 billion as deposits and loans grew. The Fed's decision to hold interest rates at near-zero levels since the economic downturn of 2008 resulted in NIM figures across banks to shrink each quarter.