Amazon To Open Convenience Store With No Lines

But worry not, as we have compiled every little tidbit out there to provide you answers to (almost) every question you might have about Amazon Go grocery stores . Then, you walk out and Amazon charges you after you've left the store . The first Amazon Go is a 1,800-square-foot grocery store without lines or checkout counters, and it's located in the company's hometown.

Army Blocks Drilling of Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its supporters argue that extending the project beneath Lake Oahe would threaten the tribe's water source and cultural sites. One officer was injured. North Dakota's leaders criticized the decision, with Gov. Jack Dalrymple calling it a "serious mistake" that "prolongs the unsafe situation" of having several hundred protesters who are camped out on federal land during cold, wintry weather.

Amazon Opens Convenience Store with a Twist

Scan the QR code on your app as you walk in the front door and proceed down the aisles, filling your shopping bag as you go along. According to Amazon , its new convenience store uses the same types of technology as self-driving cars. To remove the item from your cart, you just put it back on the shelf. Amazon on its official Amazon Go website wrote about the store, "Four years ago we asked ourselves: what if we could create a shopping experience with no lines and no checkout?" ...

After mistrial, slain SC man's family still expects justice

Pence was referring to the case of Michael Slager, a North Charleston, South Carolina cop who was captured on video in April 2015 shooting and killing Walter Scott as he ran away from the officer. But a SC jury was unable to agree on a verdict in one of the nation's ghastliest police shootings, with a lone holdout forcing a mistrial. " Judge , I understand the position of the court but I can not in good conscience consider a guilty verdict", Judge Clifton Newman read out loud in the ...

Crude oil is losing its OPEC rally

Only recently, the oil exporting countries' group, OPEC, reached an agreement to cap output levels in the latest meeting on November 30; following which a rally in the crude oil and natural gas prices was observed raising a positive sentiment in the market.

Trump rollback of Obama climate agenda may prove challenging

Trump rollback of Obama climate agenda may prove challenging

Daniel Becker, director of the Safe Climate Campaign, said the standards already have pushed average new-vehicle gas mileage up by 5 mpg since 2007, reducing America's oil use and helping to drive down gasoline prices worldwide. The EPA has until April 2018 to make a final determination. Trump's transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment. If the rules for model years after 2021 are left in place, the emission standard will increase to about 43 miles per gallon ...