Controlled Kashmir under curfew, phones blocked to pre-empt protest

Controlled Kashmir under curfew, phones blocked to pre-empt protest

Four injured, one reported to be critical, were brought to the main government hospital in Srinagar , the key city in the region, which has struggled to treat hundreds of wounded in clashes spread over almost a week. "Glorification of terrorists belonging to proscribed terrorist organizations makes it amply clear where Pakistan's sympathies continue to lie". On Kashmiri Pandit employees fleeing their transit accommodation to evade attack by stone-pelting agitators and alleging that the ...

Pokemon GO Surpasses Candy Crush as the Biggest US Mobile Game Ever

The other game which were thought to have a shot at the title, Supercell's Clash Royale and, can't come close to competing. Most detractors of Pokemon GO will tell you that the game can't keep up its wild success forever, and while they're right in that regard, early estimates on things like player retention, downloads, and the amount of money players are spending on the game can only be described as unpecedented.

Pokemon Go might join hands with McDonald's on sponsored locations

Pokemon Go might join hands with McDonald's on sponsored locations

The data also shows that Pokémon GO is on track to surpass Snapchat's active daily user numbers on Android devices within a couple days. Japanese distribution and exhibition giant, Toho is hoping that the global craze for the Pokemon Go augmented reality game will boost the fortunes of its "Pokemon" movie franchise.

New UK cabinet best suited to deliver Brexit-lite

In an interview with the Polish weekly Politiyka, European Council president Donald Tusk said on Wednesday that "no-one should be seething with desire to punish, humiliate [the UK] for what they have done to us", but he added that "we can not let them profit from Brexit , as that would be lethal for the EU".

May builds new-look Brexit cabinet

Asked by a reporter whether he would apologize to U.S. President Barack Obama for controversially saying the "part-Kenyan" president was biased against Britain because of "an ancestral dislike of the British empire", Johnson said: "The United States of America will be in the front of the queue".

Why does Turkey have a long history of coups?

Such moves, which have sought to shut down important facets of their personal and national identities, have led secular and western-minded Turks to loathe what president Erdogan and the AK party stand for, even as millions of Turks, as evidenced by the huge numbers of people who took to the streets Friday night to help prevent the coup, vehemently support the president.