Royal Bank of Scotland fined over interest rate rigging

The Swiss Competition Commission, known as Comco, said a raft of banks ran cartels to influence rates dating as far back as 2005. Vincent Martenet, President of Comco, said: "It is a big sanction based on an in-depth investigation". RBS and Barclays were among another group of banks fined £35.8 million for manipulating the Euro Interbank Offered Rate, or Euribor. Barclays meanwhile took the biggest hit, or almost 30 million Swiss francs, followed by RBS with 12.3 million and Societe ...

Dow Jones hits yet another record high

That helped financial firms. Cheerios maker General Mills cut its sales projections for the year, sending its shares down 2.6 percent. By the jingle of the closing bell, the Dow Jones had given up nearly 33 points or 0.16% to finish at 19,941.96, while the S&P 500 shaved close to six points to 2,265.18 and the Nasdaq composite dropping 12.5 points to 5,471.43.

Shopper's racist anti-Latinx rant caught on camera

The video has been viewed over four million times. "You can't sit around and watch that without doing something to let people know that you care.", he said . "I'm sorry I'm that way but you all need to realize you're not the only ones around here", she says at the end of the video. It happened in line at a JC Penney store.

Extension for Affordable Care Act Ends at Midnight

Extension for Affordable Care Act Ends at Midnight

The deadline was pushed back due to heavy website traffic in the last few days. That's up 400,000 compared to a year ago, according to the agency. Nor did the report include automatic re-enrollment of coverage. Supporters praise the bill for providing more access to those in poverty or those who faced challenges in obtaining health care insurance. Federal officials they don't expect any coverage changes for 2017.