Nevada: 7-Eleven and Flirtey Deliver 77 Packages By Drone

Customers of all ages, including college students, working parents, and elderly couples, had the opportunity to use the app and receive drone deliveries. Commercial drones still need to be approved before the companies can start using them as a way to deliver packages but 7-Eleven is off to a good start already.

Pension fund manager busted in drug-fueled pay-to-play scheme

Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement Wednesday. "According to prosecutors, from 2014 to 2016 Kang received bribes 'in the form of entertainment, travel, lavish meals, prostitutes, nightclub bottle service, narcotics, luxury gifts, and cash payments, among other things" to steer business to co-defendent Deborah Kelley and another broker.

Enrollment in Alabama, US remains up for Obamacare

Enrollment in Alabama, US remains up for Obamacare

While the sign-up period goes through January, Monday was the last day to sign up for a plan beginning immediately in the new year. In a phone conference with reporters, Sylvia Burwell, the Health and Human Services secretary, said the Florida numbers, and the record 6.4 million consumers who signed up nationally for the January 1 coverage, reflect the fact that the federal health care program "is vital to them and their families".

China Insists Seized Drone Was Part Of A US Surveillance Plan

Navy ocean glider , which is used to collect unclassified data on the water around it, was completing a pre-programmed route " conducting routine operations in the worldwide waters of the South China Sea in full compliance with global law".

Bartosiak: Trading Bed Bath & Beyond's (BBBY) Earnings with Options

Analyst Recommendation on Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. The firm had revenue of $2.99 billion for the quarter. Bed Bath & Beyond expects full-year earnings to be $4.50 to $5 per share. Number of analysts are covering this stock and now stock has got OUTPERFORM rating from no analyst of Thomson Reuters, 18 analysts given HOLD rating to the stock and 2 given UNDERPERFORM rating to Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

Royal Bank of Scotland fined over interest rate rigging

The Swiss Competition Commission, known as Comco, said a raft of banks ran cartels to influence rates dating as far back as 2005. Vincent Martenet, President of Comco, said: "It is a big sanction based on an in-depth investigation". RBS and Barclays were among another group of banks fined £35.8 million for manipulating the Euro Interbank Offered Rate, or Euribor. Barclays meanwhile took the biggest hit, or almost 30 million Swiss francs, followed by RBS with 12.3 million and Societe ...