Stephen Hawking fears he 'may not be welcome in the US'

Stephen Hawking fears he 'may not be welcome in the US'

This is after gladfully accepting an offer for a seat aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight to space. The title of oldest astronaut in the world now sits with John Glenn, who flew on the space shuttle Discovery in 1998 aged 77.

Chinese tech company Tencent acquires 5 percent Tesla stake

However one analyst wrote in a note on Tuesday that investors might be ignoring other weaknesses: notably, Tesla's (TSLA) higher-priced Model S and Model X don't appear to be selling all that well. In such instances, drivers have had to take care of lane changes by hand. This feature is dependent on traffic-aware cruise control. Also, when lane departure warning is active, the steering wheel will vibrate if the driver crosses over a lane marking without an active turn signal.

Attorney General asks cities to get tough on migrants

He has simply reiterated an element of President Trump's executive order aimed at "enhancing public safety in the interior of the United States", signed on January 25. Before the shooting, the illegal alien had been released from jail even though federal authorities were seeking to place him in custody because he had several felony convictions.

Celtics Claim First Place In Eastern Conference

Whether it's the fact that the Cavs may be bored of the regular season, not trying on defense, or just entirely not communicating correctly. This one was uglier than most, a 103-74 loss to the San Antonio Spurs that was over by halftime and may have qualified as the worst possible National Basketball Association finals preview in the modern era.

Lockheed Martin Has a Laser for the Army

Lockheed Martin Has a Laser for the Army

The U.S. Army and Lockheed Martin plan to test a record-breaking laser weapon within months. While everyone complains about the fact that they don't have a jetpack or a flying auto yet, the USA military has patiently waited for its killer laser beams .

Cruise ship passengers film 9-metre waves hitting cabin window

At one point in the video Burke's room when completely dark as a wave reached some of the highest point on the ship giving him an eerie view into the black abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. The company said the decision was made with passenger safety and comfort in mind, after the earlier incident on February 7. Terrifying footage showed the 1,100ft-long Anthem of the Seas undulating through huge swells and 90mph winds en route to Bermuda as it encountered the tropical storm Hermine.