Lawmakers warn airlines about mistreatment of passengers

During the hearing, Oscar Muonz, United Chief executive, expressed his honest apology for last month incident wih Dao. Otherwise, "we're going to act and you're not going to like it", he said , predicting a "one-size-fits-all" solution that may serve some airlines but not others.

These guys just lost more than $1 billion each

Snapchat has faced stiff competition from companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. "When Google came along, everyone really felt like they needed a search strategy", said Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap . The company reported a net loss of $2.2 billion (yes, with a "B") for the quarter, due in large part to $2 billion in compensation costs tied to going public.

Federal student loans are about to get even more expensive

Federal student loans are about to get even more expensive

In March, new analysis of government data by the Consumer Federation of America found that the number of Americans in default on their student loans jumped by almost 17 percent previous year. Dash said he expected rates on student loans would rise because of the way the markets reacted to the election of President Trump. The new rates track closely with projections from the Congressional Budget Office, which anticipated rates to top 6 percent on undergraduate loans, 7.5 percent on graduate ...

ITunes Will Be Released On Windows Store

Today's new Windows 10 Build 16193 changes the Task Manager column name from "Background Moderated" to "Power Throttling". Microsoft unveiled an update to Windows 10, adding key features that are likely to benefit users of gadgets that run rival mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

62 per cent of French Catholics voted for Macron

In an early plea for unity, Macron reached out to Le Pen's supporters after a vicious election campaign that exposed deep economic and social divisions, as well as tensions provoked by identity and immigration. "I want all those who today embody innovation and excellence in the United States to hear what we say: from now on, from next May, you will have a new homeland, France", Macron said in a February campaign speech, as Reuters reported .

Auto carrying Corbyn runs over BBC cameraman's foot

Despite Mr Corbyn's declaration that the Brexit question was "settled" by last year's referendum, the document states withdrawing from the European Union without a deal would be the "worst possible" outcome and would be rejected as a "viable" option.