Putin says ready to help resolve N. Korea nuclear issue

The experts also suggested Trump take steps to reassure South Korea on US security commitments, such as deployments of conventional USA military capabilities, efforts to enhance South Korea's self-defense capabilities and visible joint military exercises with the United States.

Earnings Estimates Analysis: Hecla Mining Co. (HL)

The stock is trading $5.28 its 50-day moving average by -0.37%. Lag is the time it takes for a moving average to signal a potential reversal. This indicator calculates the moving average based on highs/lows rather than the closing price. In phrases of Market analysis and buying and selling signals, RSI moving above the horizontal 30 reference standard is regarded as a bullish indicator, at the same time as the RSI transferring under the horizontal 70 reference standard is visible to be a ...

Markets Right Now: Stocks end mostly lower on Wall Street

The stock market has surged to record highs under Mr Trump due to expectations he will stimulate the economy and boost corporate earnings. USA stocks finished with losses on Thursday (, though well off session lows, led by declines for retail shares.

South Korea's president questions Japan 'comfort women' deal

North Korea is believed to be preparing for a sixth nuclear test and is working to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the United States, presenting US President Donald Trump with perhaps his most pressing security issue. 17, 2017. KCNA last week described the alleged plot in great detail, saying it was hatched in 2014 when the South Korean and U.S. intelligence agencies recruited a North Korean working in the timber industry in eastern Russian Federation.

Tunnel Collapses at Washington Nuclear Waste Plant

A former Energy Department official Bob Alvarez said that the rail cars carry spent fuel from a reactor area long the river to the chemical processing facility, which then extracts unsafe plutonium and uranium. News of the tunnel breach at the defunct Purex processing plant on the Hanford nuclear reservation outside Richland quickly spread around the country and world.

Trump warns Comey over media leaks

Lawmakers are increasingly focusing on Trump's business relationships. It is one of the reasons news stories move so quickly today. As a result, I found myself following this story more closely than I follow most because I was being asked to talk about it on television and explain its historical context.