Netflix first-quarter growth misses without major drawing card

The video streaming service insisted that the lower-than-expected Q1 subscriber growth in both domestic and global markets did not signal any change to its long-term growth expectations. In the first quarter of 2017, it added $2.5bn of revenue, in addition to attracting 5 million new members, bringing the total to 98.75m. Pachter along with the other analyst are thinking for how much time Netflix will be able to hold the line on price as movie and TV studios typically demand more money ...

Gorsuch Reconstitutes SCOTUS Conservatives Majority In Arkansas Execution Go Ahead

Arkansas has overcome a flurry of court challenges which derailed three other executions and put to death an inmate for the first time in almost 12 years. Jones' sister recently gave an interview where she talked at length about her brother's mental state and how the state of Arkansas will not allow her to be present for his execution.

European Union divided on Britain's election announcement

European Union divided on Britain's election announcement

Theresa May has stunned Britain by calling a general election on 8 June, the second in two years and a year after the referendum on the European Union. "I am asking them to put their trust in me and if they do that, if they give me a mandate for these negotiations for the plan for Brexit that the Government has, the plan for a stronger Britain beyond Brexit that we have, then I think that will strengthen our hand", May said.

Facebook Spaces makes virtual reality a social experience

Here's a closer look at Facebook Spaces featuring some quite insufferable millenials. The fact that you don't have to possess any special knowledge to use the VR is what is catchy. The latest services from Facebook operates by creating an animated avatar of you and then transfer you to a virtual world where you are accompanied by your friends.

Raises Stake in Infosys Ltd (INFY)

Goldman Sachs Group Inc started coverage on Infosys in a report on Friday, March 3rd. Infosys Limited (INFY ) belongs to the "Technology" sector with an industry focus on "Technical & System Software", with Dr. Its last 5-Year EPS growth stands at 19.90% with earnings growth of 11.50% yoy. Analysts anticipate that Infosys Ltd will post $0.97 EPS for the current year.

More Lake Michigan test results coming after chemical spill

More Lake Michigan test results coming after chemical spill

Steel facility in Portage, Indiana. Park service staff said they are working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on developing a long-term monitoring plan after hexavalent chromium, a byproduct of industrial processes, was discharged Tuesday into the Burns Waterway about 100 yards from Lake Michigan due to a U.S.