Stephen Colbert bids farewell to Bill O'Reilly: "Stay strong, Papa Bear!"

Dozens of advertisers ditched "The O'Reilly Factor " after a New York Times report detailed $13 million in payouts to five women over his alleged abusive behaviour; more allegations subsequently emerged. The "Late Show" host then admitted that he actually owed a lot to O'Reilly. Fox also has a big financial safety cushion in the fees cable companies pay the network, which dwarf its ad revenue, according to Nomura media analyst Anthony DiClemente.

In touch with US, Australia govts on visa issues

He said the new visa will focus on sending workers to regional parts of the country and that strict requirements around "better English language proficiency" will be implemented. Some of the jobs that are most commonly listed by applicants are cook, developer programmer, medical officer and cafe manager. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the migration programme "should only operate in our national interest".

OPEC panel recommends six-month extension of oil output cuts

OPEC panel recommends six-month extension of oil output cuts

Oil prices tumbled more than 2 percent on Friday, notching the biggest weekly decline in more than a month on mounting evidence that US production and inventory growth were offsetting OPEC's attempts to reduce the global crude glut. The International Energy Agency (IEA) said last week that inventories in industrialized countries were still 10 percent above the five-year average, a key gauge for OPEC.

Environmental Activists March at EPA Chief's Indiana Superfund Site Visit

Reports of the closure alarmed both Republican and Democratic lawmakers from around the region, which relies on the EPA to carry out work state and municipal governments can not handle alone. After offering remarks about his visit, Pruitt was asked whether the EPA planned to close its Chicago office, but he walked away without answering.

PM Modi chairs NITI Aayog's 3rd Governing Council meeting

NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog's Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya will present the roadmap for India's rapid transformation through the outlining of key aspects of the 15-year vision document, comprising the seven-year strategy document and the three-year action plan, a government statement said.

US warship in west Pacific for Japan navy drills: Tokyo

US warship in west Pacific for Japan navy drills: Tokyo

It was taken on Saturday, and the White House said it was in the Sea of Japan. A U.S. Navy news release says that two Japanese destroyers joined the USS Carl Vinson carrier and two other U.S warships on Sunday, April 23, 2017, as they continued their journey north in the western Pacific Ocean.