North Korea will regularly test missiles

North Korea regularly threatens to destroy Japan, South Korea and the United States and it showed no let-up in its defiance after conducting a reportedly failed missile test on Sunday. North Korea will continue to test missiles despite global condemnation and increasing military tensions with the U.S., a senior official says. Trump's national security adviser, H.R.

Williams Sells Geismar Olefins Plant To NOVA For $2.1 Billion

Williams Sells Geismar Olefins Plant To NOVA For $2.1 Billion

About Williams Partners Williams Partners is an industry-leading, large-cap natural gas infrastructure master limited partnership with a strong growth outlook and major positions in key US supply basins. Williams Cos Inc, which controls and is the majority shareholder of Williams Partners, has also said it is focused on growing natural gas volumes. Nova Chemicals is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Petroleum Investment Company of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Vijay Mallya arrested in London

The British authorities had recently started the legal process to extradite Mallya to India. A person is termed as a proclaimed offender in a criminal investigation if the court believes that the accused has absconded or is concealing himself, so that the warrant can not be executed.

Erdogan claims narrow victory in Turkish referendum despite opposition protests

They can do this within the period until the final official results are published by the YSK in the next 10 days. This is a message to the world to shut up; Turkey is getting stronger. Speaking to Al Jazeera outside the AK Party headquarters in Istanbul , Erdal Erdinc Durucu, 37, said Erdogan has started a new age for Turkey, and ended another.

The late Prince was prescribed opioids under a false name by doctor

It's been nearly one year since the shocking death of iconic pop singer Prince , and today, new court documents have revealed more information into the circumstances surrounding it. The day before Prince died, Paisley Park staffers contacted the California addiction specialist as they were trying to get Prince help. Investigators were not satisfied with some of the answers they got from the group at Prince's estate.

Prosecutors expected to rest case against Hernandez

Hernandez is on tri. Hernandez, a former tight end for the New England Patriots, has pleaded not guilty. Hernandez is also charged with witness intimidation and shooting his former close friend, Alexander Bradley , in the face seven months after the two deaths.