Venezuela braces for more violence as anti-government protests turn deadly

Venezuela braces for more violence as anti-government protests turn deadly

Reverol said Thursday that Paola Ramirez was killed on Wednesday by a member of Vente Venezuela, a party led by high-profile opposition leader Maria Corina Machado. The statement said a fair judicial system is critical to economic reforms that would restore growth, but it made no mention of any action the USA government might take.

Delta Airline to pay passengers $10,000

Oscar Munoz, United's CEO has repeatedly apologized for the incident and assured customers that law enforcement removing passengers from United planes for reasons other than safety or security would "never happen again". In the week since United Airlines made headlines when a ticketed passenger was aggressively hauled off his flight, the company has updated its crew travel policies to ensure passengers won't get booted and compensated all travelers on the fateful fight.

The Switch Is Nintendo's Fastest-Selling Console In The US Ever

GameStop said last month that the game had an "almost one-to-one attach result" with the Switch hardware, and the title sold to about 91 percent of initial Switch owners in France . But these are impressive numbers thus far, and it shows powerful momentum for Nintendo's console, far more than what it accomplished with the Wii U years ago.

Canadian envoy downplays trade friction with U.S.

The "terrible" plight of American dairy farmers has captured the attention of US politicians of all stripes as the USA sector grapples with the twin difficulties of overproduction and low global prices for milk. He said the agency's dairy outlook report "clearly indicates that poor results in the USA sector are due to US and global overproduction". On the other hand, USA dairy lobby accused Canada by saying "systemic disregard" because of trade obligations and Canada industry accused US saying ...

GM quits Venezuela after government seizes its factory

GM quits Venezuela after government seizes its factory

Venezuela is now fighting claims of illegal asset seizures at a World Bank-sponsored arbitration panel from over 25 companies. President Nicolas Maduro may be struggling to feed Venezuela but his socialist administration still managed to make a $500,000 donation to Donald Trump's inauguration, records released Wednesday show.

EU says Brexit talks will start after British election

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set the tone for his campaign by criticizing May for her "broken promises" on healthcare and education, and jabbed at her for not agreeing to take part in television debates before the election. May told The Sun newspaper that if Britain were still negotiating with the bloc in the run-up to a national election, "the Europeans might have seen that as a time of weakness when they could push us".