Clinton and Kaine release tax returns

The information, posted on the campaign website, shows that Ms Clinton paid a federal tax rate of 34.7 per cent and a local rate of 9 per cent in 2015. Trump has said that he's under an audit by the Internal Revenue Service and won't release his returns until that audit is concluded - which may not happen before the November 8 election .

Khan asks McCain to withdraw Trump support

McCain, the author of "Dirty Sexy Politics" and "America, You Sexy B****: A Love Letter to Freedom", also took issue with the GOP , writing, "I'm sick of people like me being blamed for this mess". WASHINGTON (CNN ) - Khizr Khan is calling on Sen. Former Arizona state Senator Dr. Kelli Ward is attacking establishment Senator John McCain for his tepid support of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Nassib stumbles in start for Manning, Dolphins win 27-10

Nassib stumbles in start for Manning, Dolphins win 27-10

The win for the Miami Dolphins took longer than expected as there was a 51-minute delay to start off the game, due to some bad weather that had rolled in. Less than 20 minutes before the scheduled 7 p.m. kickoff, stadium officials warned fans to leave their seats and to seek shelter inside the stadium with storms approaching.

Which national convention was a 'circus'?

Hillary Clinton's campaign, seeing vulnerabilities for Donald Trump in Arizona and Georgia, says it plans to expand their political and organizing operations in the two states in the coming weeks, according to Democrats with knowledge of the plans.

Military mom booed at Pence rally after asking about Trump's 'disrespect'

Military mom booed at Pence rally after asking about Trump's 'disrespect'

I challenge the nominee to set the example for what our country can and should represent". A spokesman for Rep. Don Young, in response to a media inquiry, said while Young may not share the Khans' political beliefs, he would never question the pain or sacrifice of a Gold Star family.

Ukraine puts troops along Crimean border on combat alert

A peace plan for the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine, negotiated in Minsk between Ukraine and Russian Federation by Germany and France some 18-month ago, has stalled for months. "Fantasies are only another pretext for the next military threats toward Ukraine", he said. Two residents living on the Russian-controlled side of the Crimea-Ukraine frontier told AFP there had been an unexplained build-up of Russian military hardware in the area over the past few weeks.