Edouard Philippe named new French PM

Mr Philippe, like Mr Macron, attended the elite ENA school, and his political hero is Rocard - another point in common with the 39-year-old new president. Shortly after Philippe's appointment, Macron was scheduled to travel to Berlin on his first foreign trip as French leader. Macron ran on a platform as a staunch supporter of LGBT rights, having dedicated an entire section of his manifesto to addressing LGBT issues.

China's Belt and Road communique pushes open trade centred on WTO

Despite the advantages of the Chinese initiative, opinions about it differ, some politicians and experts say that Beijing is trying to strengthen its geopolitical influence through " One Belt, One Road " project. Mr Xi emphasised the plan is inclusive and not set by ideology. President Xi Jinping criticised protectionism yesterday at a summit positioning China as a champion of globalisation, and secured a free trade commitment from nearly 30 other world leaders as the meeting wound up.

Inflation hits three-and-a-half-year high

Services prices - which the BoE view as a guide to domestic inflation pressures - rose by 3.0 per cent, the biggest jump since September 2013, though this was affected by higher air fares. Food prices also became more expensive in April, rising 0.2 per cent month-on-month after coming in flat previous year. Input prices rises also slowed to a 16.6 per cent annual rate of increase, compared to nearly 20 per cent increases at the start of the year.

NHS 'open for business' after cyber attack

In a message on its homepage, the trust says that "all blood tests at Broomfield Hospital (Chelmsford), St Michael's (Braintree), St Peter's (Maldon) and Christchurch (Chelmsford) are unavailable until further notice" on Monday afternoon. This may be because some expensive hardware (such as MRI scanners) can not be updated immediately, and in such instances organisations will take steps to mitigate any risk, such as by isolating the device from the main network".

Merkel wants to rekindle EU spark in first date with Macron

Macron, who was inaugurated on Sunday, comes to Berlin with ambitions to press ahead with European integration - a mission that has unnerved some German conservatives who worry Berlin will be asked to pay for struggling states that resist reforms.

Learjet crash near New York City kills two crew members

Although the reason for the crash hasn't been revealed yet, the National Weather Service said strong winds had been reported in the area which could be the reason why the plane crashed. The aircraft, which was built in 1981, is owned by A&C Big Sky Aviation LLC in Billings, Montana, according to FAA records. The FAA also said that the LearJet crashed around 3:30 PM at about 0.8 kilometers away from runway 1 of Teterboro Airport shortly.