National Security Advisor HR McMaster holds White

McMaster said at a White House press conference Tuesday. Trump says he wanted to share with Russian Federation "facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety". "And by Tuesday morning, Trump was justifying his actions, writing on Twitter that he had an "absolute right" to share the information about "terrorism and airline flight safety" with Russian Federation".

Many people don't want a coalition following BC election

Many people don't want a coalition following BC election

Almost six in ten respondents say they want to see the Green Party support a minority government on a case-by-case basis, says Mainstreet President Quito Maggi. Indecision B.C.: What happens next with B.C.'s hung parliament? "Among NDP voters the number is overwhelming (89 per cent) - perhaps more importantly Green voters say the NDP should form the next government over the Liberals (47 per cent) but a significant number of Green Voters are not sure (36 per cent)".

'We messed up by not investing in Amazon' says Buffett

Charlie Munger, Berkshire's vice chairman, concurred, saying at the meeting he found no "moral fault" in 3G's approach. Buffett, a Democrat who vocally supported Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful White House candidacy, added that the impact of lower corporate taxes would not translate into higher profits across all of Berkshire's many dozens of businesses., inc. (CRM) Stock Rating Reaffirmed by Piper Jaffray Companies, inc. (CRM) Stock Rating Reaffirmed by Piper Jaffray Companies

Piper Jaffray Companies' target price points to a potential upside of 12.31% from the company's previous close. (NYSE: CRM ). Moreover, Essex Fin Serv Incorporated has 0.07% invested in salesforce .com, inc. Bank of The West increased its stake in shares of salesforce .com, 45.5% in the third quarter. Based on the lastest quarterly filings, institutions continue to be large stakeholders in Salesforce .com, inc.

Jakarta governor found guilty in landmark blasphemy trial

Jakarta governor found guilty in landmark blasphemy trial

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (popularly known as "Ahok"), the outgoing Christian governor of Indonesia's Jakarta province, has been convicted of blasphemy against Islam and faces a two-year prison sentence. The governor was charged with blasphemy after he made comments last September about the Al Maidah 51 verse of the Quran, regarding whether Muslims can elect a leader of another religion.

Trump and Erdogan to work toward finding Syria consensus

In April 2016, Obama criticised a "troubling" path that Erdogan might be putting Turkey on with respect to freedom of the press, a day after the two leaders met in Washington . Turkey also saw the rebels as handy proxies against the Syrian Kurds. Trump's earlier congratulatory message to Erdogan on "winning" a now widely disputed referendum that vastly extends his powers and his term of office comes immediately to mind.