Video of Texas officer using stun gun on handcuffed man leaked

Video of Texas officer using stun gun on handcuffed man leaked

New York Daily News columnist and activist Shaun King tweeted the tasing video on May 16 with this caption: "This is the same sadistic Balch Springs Police Department that murdered #JordanEdwards tasering a handcuffed Black man for the fun of it".

Stock Exchanging Hands at a Rapid Volume Today: IAMGOLD Corporation (NYSE:IAG)

The stock, after opening at $5.60, closed at $5.54 by scoring -0.36%. A beta of less than 1 means that the security will be less volatile than the market. The 52-week high price of the stock is $5.87 while its 52-week Low price is $3.14. Now let's see the recent and past performance, we came to know different up or down moving trends about INFY.

DHS chief jokes to Trump

DHS chief jokes to Trump

Coast Guard Academy to participate in this year's commencement exercises, joined by Gen. Kelly and a cadre of military officers. The Academy, in return, offered the commander-in-chief a ceremonial saber which will probably end up in a storage closet at Mar-a-Lago.

US Considers Banning Electronics On Flights From European Airports

US and European officials said on Friday that they will discuss airline security concerns at a meeting in Brussels next week, Reuters reports. CBS News reported on Tuesday that the Department of Homeland Security has been considering the option ― which may even impact flights departing from the United Kingdom to the U.S.

So far, UI untouched by 'WannaCry' ransomware cyberattack

That's why it's called ransomware. In April, the Shadow Brokers leaked several cyber weapons online after reportedly hacking the NSA's Equation Group. He said that intelligence agencies tended to be good and responsible stewards of the hacks and exploits they develop. A 22-year old British security researcher who goes by the Twitter name MalwareTech is credited with slowing the spread of the ransomware by discovering a " kill switch " in the software that could disable the malware.

What Do Analysts Suggest For Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA)

The Return on Investment (ROI) ratio of Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) is at 51.17. Historically, if we have a peek at price target revisions, Ascena Retail Group Inc (NASDAQ:ASNA)'s price target was revised by the analysts two weeks back on 03/15/17 to set its target price at $6.67 where its twelve month high target price was set at $10 and low at $5 while demonstrating the standard deviation of 1.75.