RNC Chief Warns GOP Candidates: Endorse Trump

RNC Chief Warns GOP Candidates: Endorse Trump

Kasich is hardly keeping his feelings a secret. Kasich is betting he could make another bid for the White House if Trump loses in November. Kasich, along with Sen. "So let's go win that". But the episode underscores the frenzy that could consume the GOP if Trump loses the race and the party searches for a new direction.

Nicklas Bendtner: I will celebrate if i score Arsenal

Wenger also defended his former charge, insisting the striker was merely disappointed not to get as many chances as he would have liked at Arsenal having been with the club from a young age. "We cannot be at anything less than 100% but we know than in cup games anything can happen and upsets can be caused". Two games, two goals. Since signing up earlier this month, the Denmark worldwide has only made one league appearance for Forest owing to fitness issues.

Lyft's New Concept of Self-Driving Cars

Lyft's New Concept of Self-Driving Cars

Its main competitor Uber is starting to carry passengers around Pittsburgh in autonomous cars with a human backup driver. Musk believes the future lies in groups of people owning self-driving cars and renting them out to other people. Zimmer's thoughts are similar to those recently espoused by Kalanick: Initially demand will increase enough that there will still be a need for human-piloted cars alongside the autonomous ones, as well as more sparsely populated areas where autonomous ...

CDC: Aerial spraying, naled helped curb Zika

Although no new locally transmitted cases have been reported in the Wynwood area for the past six weeks, Scott said the US government needs to approve spending to arrest any future spread of the virus in Florida and elsewhere, including mosquito abatement, education and testing for Zika.

Hillary Clinton back on track as Trump goes shy on health

She later announced that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia days earlier. Trump's team took a swipe at Clinton's brief absence from the campaign trail in a statement accompanying the new health information. He also appeared on a U.S. medical chat show, which aired on Thursday, to discuss his health. Before releasing the new details to the public, Trump turned over a copy to Dr.

Paul Ryan, Ivanka Trump Hold Private Meeting in NY

But according to a senior Republican aide, Ryan's meeting with Ivanka Trump , which was first reported by Politico , went well. Ryan was in town to address a luncheon at the Economic Club of NY. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump still do not have their own protection, as of the latest information. After Trump became the presumptive nominee, Ryan publicly hesitated to endorse him, saying he needed time to decide.