'Dangerous' hurricane bears down on Florida

Forecasters say more than 15 inches of rain could still cause a 9ft storm surge in the state. Special concern surrounded Jacksonville's St. Johns River, which could be overwhelmed by water pushed into it by the storm. Up until then, the centre, or eye, stayed just far enough out at sea for coastal communities not to feel the full force of Matthew's winds. It was moving north at 12 miles-per-hour.

Russia Will Curb Oil Production

Major non-OPEC rival Russian Federation said it believes a cut would be a positive for the market, but has not indicated whether or not it would limit its own production, which is close to record highs above 11 million barrels per day. Global benchmark Brent crude futures were down 23c at $51.70 a barrel at 8.48am GMT, more than 2% lower than the four-month high reached on Friday.

Indigenous People's Day vs. Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a national holiday but not everyone thinks Americans should celebrate it. Vermont Governor Peter Schumlin officially renamed the holiday Indigenous People's Day this year, and Phoenix has voted to celebrate the latter, too.

AT&T considering permanently ending Galaxy Note 7 sales

Samsung has announced a global recall of Galaxy Note 7 after reports that the battery in some units caught fire or exploded while being charged. Bloomberg said AT&T may decide as soon as tonight (Friday) on whether or not to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7.

I Paid My Taxes (BRK)

On Monday, it was Buffett's turn to take a shot at Trump. " Warren Buffett took a massive deduction", Trump said. The New York Times reported that loss may have allowed him to go almost two decades without paying taxes. Buffett also said in his statement that the charitable deductions he took in 2015 don't reflect the half of what he gave to charity previous year.