Theresa May Gets Set for UK Leadership, With Brexit Top of Agenda

She spoke of the "precious bond" between the nations of the United Kingdom, implicit recognition of the tensions generated by the referendum in which England and Wales chose to quit the European Union, but Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay, raising the possibility of a new Scottish vote on independence.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Formally Resigns

Before Mrs May's visit to Buckingham Palace, the Queen had accepted Mr Cameron's resignation as prime minister. May faces the daunting task of leading the United Kingdom after the Brexit vote to leave the European Union, which precipitated the downfall of Cameron's government.

Pokemon Go players are trespassing, risking arrest or worse

Marine Corps tweeted a screenshot of soldiers surrounding a Pikachu that the virtual reality game made appear on a firing line. Local Pokemon fans are trying different ways to get Pokemon Go to work here ahead of the app's official launch in Singapore, even as privacy and safety concerns are being raised in countries where the game is already out.

Japan leads world stock markets higher on stimulus hope

The vote in Japan has fanned expectations the country's leaders will push through a giant stimulus programme to reignite stuttering growth, with reports saying it could be as much as ¥10 trillion. Kazuo Momma, former executive director and assistant governor of the Bank of Japan , told Bloomberg on Monday that the BOJ is aware of the market's limitations - but that it could increase the rate of bond buying anyway.

Tesla reveals 'cheaper' Model X SUV, starting at a cool $74000

NHTSA is conducting its own separate investigation, and the National Transportation Safety Board also is looking into the crash. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk is a major shareholder in both companies. Automotive News says that Tesla wouldn't comment on the NHTSA letter, which is typical during an open investigation. If there's no force on the wheel or a sharp turn is detected, the vehicle is programmed to gradually reduce speed, stop and turn on the emergency lights, Tesla said in a ...

Average US 30-year mortgage rate falls to new 2016 lows

Average US 30-year mortgage rate falls to new 2016 lows

Key mortgage rates approached near-record lows this past week as Britain's Brexit decision to leave the European Union continues to drive Treasury yields down. While mortgage rates are low , concerns about a possible fall in house prices is likely to cause some homeowners (especially landlords) to sell up early.