Andrew Weaver welcomes Clark's 'willingness to work across party lines'

BC Liberal leader Christy Clark says she will not resign, but will call the legislature back in June to test the confidence in her minority government . Trudeau said the Alberta energy industry needs the pipeline to boost exports to Asia and reduce reliance on the US market. "This is a new era for politics in B.C.

Trump says Germans 'bad' on trade

Trump says Germans 'bad' on trade

On Thursday, Germany's Spiegel Online reported that there was a meeting with European Union officials in Brussels where Trump allegedly said, " The Germans are bad, very bad ". "I was making clear that the US can not compare their trade situation with individual member states of the European Union". He has focused on relationships in which the US buys more than it sells in partners' markets- as is the case with Germany and China .

Taking part in debate a no-brainer for Corbyn

As seen in his well-attended campaign rallies, Mr Corbyn enjoys being on the stump, while Mrs May, since her U-turn on social care, appears a little chastened. Stephan Shakespeare, YouGov's chief executive, cautioned that his firm's model, which points to the possibility of a hung Parliament , also includes enough "leeway" that the Conservatives could still end up with as many as 345 seats when the votes are counted on June 8, giving May the increased majority she expected.

Manchester Arena bombing: Ariana Grande to perform at benefit concert

Manchester Arena bombing: Ariana Grande to perform at benefit concert

They said one thread of the inquiry involved pursuing whether Abedi was part of a larger terror cell that included Mohamed Abrini , otherwise known as "the man in the hat", with connections to the Brussels and Paris attacks. "There's a network - a cell of ISIS-inspired terrorists", said U.S. Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, chairperson of the House Homeland Security Committee. "I woke up because I heard the police shouting, they were shouting "Get down, it's the police, hands on the ground, get ...

Ex-PM Greek hurt by letter bomb

Police didn't immediately confirm news media reports that the blast was caused by a parcel bomb. However, there was no immediate claim of responsibility. Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, a government spokesman, strongly condemned the attack and said investigators will do everything possible to find those responsible.

India,Spain Sign Seven Pacts During Prime Minister Modi's Visit

Modi called for boosting bilateral cooperation to fight terrorism as "both our countries have faced the security challenge". What will the Indian Prime Minister do in Spain? Merkel said she and Modi had discussed open markets and free and fair trade during their meeting in Berlin .