Further Woes For Oil and GBP

The move to cut daily supply of 1.8 million barrels or oil equivalent, first agreed at the end of a year ago, will now last until March 2018. This week, OPEC members (and some non-OPEC members) met in Vienna , Austria to discuss extending production cuts to help stabilize the price of the precious commodity, amid two years of soft oil prices stemming from a supply glut which has ballooned in recent years.

Lebanon bans the new Wonder Woman movie

For Gadot , wearing Wonder Woman's classic red-and-blue costume helped her feel like a superhero - especially once the outfit was retooled after she made her debut as the character in last year's cinematic showdown between Batman and Superman .

UK Labour leader Corbyn denies honoring Munich attack killer

Jeremy Corbyn has reaffirmed that if elected Prime Minister in the General Election next week, he will not seek to abolish the monarchy. Ms Rudd added on Labour leader Mr Corbyn: "When he was asked to actually say for sure would he take action against Jihadi John, let alone Osama bin Laden, his answers were really worrying for security".

Medicare plans to replace Social Security numbers on cards

Medicare plans to replace Social Security numbers on cards

One of the basic rules of protecting yourself from ID theft is to avoid carrying your Social Security card in your wallet or purse, but for millions of Americans on Medicare that's been a hard rule to follow, since Medicare prints the number on its medical ID card.