MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Thumps Donald Trump in Song 'Amnesty Don'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Thumps Donald Trump in Song 'Amnesty Don'

Trump also uses tweetstorms to help his messages gain traction, so Scarborough did the same. Scarborough, who had previously supported Trump, turned against the candidate with several scathing editorials in The Washington Post, and even requested that the Republican Party "drop Trump".

Predictably, Tim Cook had some strong thoughts on EU's tax ruling

Apple paid just 0.005% on European profits in 2014 . "Tax systems are not a pay-what-you-want system". For now, other USA companies under scrutiny for their EU tax arrangements are staying in the background as Lew, Apple and certain industry trade groups lead the charge against the European Union action.

Clinton ahead of Trump by 7 in Pennsylvania

Clinton ahead of Trump by 7 in Pennsylvania

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a slight lead over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a Rasmussen poll released September 1. The poll also finds that among all voters, when a total of four candidates are taken into account, Clinton's lead over Trump has narrowed to just two per cent.

Vanilla Ice set to compete on 'Dancing with the Stars'

It is nearly time for his partner to be announced, but now Derek is speaking out about what made him decide to come back to the show again. Derek explained that it was the show's delayed premiere date this time around that gave him the opportunity to explore other opportunities, as well as rejoin the series.

AJ Styles has a ball

The rest of the card's matches were solid, yet business-as-usual buildups for the WWE World Championship match at Backlash , as AJ Styles defeated Apollo Crews and reigning champ, Dean Ambrose beat Baron Corbin in the SmackDown Live main event.

Anthony Weiner's wife seeks separation amid new sexting scandal

Weiner, a former congressman from New York City, has found himself repeatedly in hot water over sexting. Abedin announced Monday she was separating from her husband, Anthony Weiner, after another sexting incident involving the former NY congressman.