Putin Comments on Trump's Move on US Exit From Paris Climate Accord

The announcement by the USA president on June 1 that he will withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement therefore strikes at the heart of every Caribbean citizen and government. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce points to a study by NERA Economic Consulting, which cites a $3 trillion hit to America's GDP and the loss of 6.5 million industrial jobs by 2040 if the U.S.

Al Franken: I Don't Think Trump Ordered Comey to Quash Russia Probe

When pressed on the magnitude of the Russia investigation as the committee enters an important week of hearings, Collins said "there is so much speculation and so many stories and so many leaks that it's very hard to determine the facts of the Russian involvement in our elections last fall, the extent to that of that involvement, and also whether or not there was collusion or collaboration with members of President Trump's campaign team".

UK to observe one minute's silence for victims of London attack

Mr Turnbull said Facebook and Twitter needed to take a "more responsible" approach to dealing with extremist material on their platforms. Gerard Vowles told Sky TV that he was on the street near the Southwark Tavern pub, the scene of multiple stabbings, when he heard someone say: "I've been stabbed, I've been stabbed".

Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Rich People Should Give Everybody Free Money

Today we spend 50 times more treating people who are sick than we spend finding cures so people don't get sick in the first place. Buzzfeed reports that the closed captioning system, operated by Harvard , turned the live stream of the Facebook CEO's speech into gibberish, as if it had been operated by Facebook's own speech-to-text technology.

Prince Harry breaks fast at Singapore Iftar function

Prince Harry breaks fast at Singapore Iftar function

According to The Telegraph , the secretary general of Jamiyah, Muhammad Rafiuddin Ismail, addressed Saturday's horrific terror attack in London - in which seven people were killed and at least 48 injured - just before the sunset call to prayer, with Harry reportedly bowing his dead during the remarks.