US Special Forces Join Battle Against ISIS-Linked Group in Philippines

They initially estimated there were about 100 gunmen but later said there were as many as 500, supplemented by foreign fighters from Chechnya, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. He said Friday's deaths brought the number of government troops killed in the conflict to 58. At least 21 civilians have been killed, including a boy who was hit by suspected militant gunfire inside a Marawi mosque where his family had taken refuge, Padilla said.

Chuck Schumer invites Donald Trump to testify about Comey and Russian Federation

Republicans have pressed Trump to say whether he has tapes of private conversations with Comey and provide them to Congress if he does - or possibly face a subpoena. "You're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer". CBS News has also learned President Trump has set a July 4th deadline for Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to get the White House in order.

Pentagon boss wants to close excess bases

Check out the latest defense news. Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also told the committee the relationship between Russian Federation and the United States is "adversarial". Mattis addressed lawmakers seeking additional information about President Donald Trump's proposed 2018 budget. That outlook won't change even if the service branches grow in size, he said.

Supreme Court legalizes interracial marriage — AP WAS THERE

Supreme Court legalizes interracial marriage — AP WAS THERE

The historical marker is placed alongside the Richmond building that once housed the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, which ruled against the Lovings before their U.S. In the final day of its present term, before quitting until next October 2, the court in a burst of speed handed down roughly a dozen opinions of major importance and scores of orders in other cases.

Taylor Swift is No Longer Forbes' World's Highest-Paid Entertainer

Combs is the richest man in hip-hop and the wealthiest musician in America, according to Forbes' estimates. Diddy brought in $130 million from a year ago. Newcomers in 2017 include model Kylie Jenner , the 19-year-old half-sister of reality TV star Kim Kardashian , who earned US$41 million ($57 million), and United States radio and television personality Steve Harvey with US$42.5 million ($59 million).

Disney Channel's Full 'A Fan's Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming' Special Released

Insomniac Games' PS4-exclusive Spider-Man was one of the stars of Sony's E3 2017 press conference, featuring in a lengthy gameplay demo showing off the superhero title in action before confirming it will release in 2018. The trailer sees a mixture of cinematic and gameplay, mainly gameplay where we see Spider-Man performing a load of fancy web play against the enemies in a rather cool, and well executed stealth system.