Patty Jenkins Not Signed for 'Wonder Woman 2'…Yet

This rejection of a sexist society that the original authors wrote into the comics set the stage for the Wonder Woman that we are seeing today in 2017. " Thank you for making this weekend the most incredible weekend and craziest weekend I've ever had in my life". As for the film's star, Gal Gadot already has an option in place for her to reprise the superhero role in Wonder Woman 2 (it's in her overall deal for all the DCEU movies), so that's not a concern at all.

Andrea Constand Wiki: 5 Facts to Know about Bill Cosby's Accuser

Andrea Constand Wiki: 5 Facts to Know about Bill Cosby's Accuser

Constand said it was just business concerning the university basketball team. To learn more about her, here is our Andrea Constand wiki. Constand, an athletic 6-footer with dark curly hair, was calm and direct as she testified, frequently speaking straight to the jury.

Did The Mummy Secretly Introduce Dark Universe's Van Helsing?

The $125 million Tom Cruise feature is the first offering from the studio's new " Dark Universe " franchise, which is hoping to create a Marvel-type series of their own using their classic monsters. Meagan Leavey , nabbing an A CinemaScore, is projected to debut in the $4 million range from 1,956 cinemas, ahead of expectations. Next was Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales , the latest installment in the popular franchise starring Johnny Depp as a dreadlocked ...

Bill Cosby case handed to jury

Camille Cosby was seated in the front row of trial spectators, a tight smile on her face and a publicist leading the way. For a conviction on each of the three counts against Cosby, O'Neill could impose a sentence of up to 10 years on a soon-to-be 80-year-old defendant who says he has lost his sight.

The Mummy takes dismal start at box office, Wonder Woman still dominates

Tom Cruise occupies center stage in this not-quite-a-reboot, which features Sofia Boutella (" Kingsman: The Secret Service ") as the Mummy , an Egyptian princess named Ahmanet who committed patricide, made a pact to unleash the god of death and was cursed by being buried alive for her troubles.

Gal Gadot did reshoots for 'Wonder Woman' while 5 months pregnant

Indeed, nearly three times as many people have lived on the International Space Station than have created films that break the $100 million opening weekend mark, and that's a triumph worthy of note for any gender. Aside from Gal Gadot , director Patty Jenkins' name has also been thrown around a lot lately because this little movie called Wonder Woman was considered a smash hit.