Trump calls Russian Federation election hack a 'big Dem hoax'

Trump calls Russian Federation election hack a 'big Dem hoax'

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) pressed Johnson to say whether he believed there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian hackers, something a special prosecutor is now investigating. She said the calls occurred on August 15, September 8 and October 12. 'I was not pleased, ' Johnson said. Johnson said in the late summer and into the fall, he was very concerned about the meddling in state election systems and that the department encouraged states to seek assistance from DHS.

Key Takeaways From Senate Republicans' Plan to Overhaul Healthcare

In a lengthy Facebook post , Obama said there is a "fundamental meanness at the core" of both the Senate's and House's health care legislation . "The Senate Bill may be even meaner". What we do know is that, in Louisiana, the bill would kill the expansion of Medicaid that has brought health care to more than 425,000 residents-with 51,000 of those people living right here in New Orleans.

Gabe Pressman, a Dean of New York Journalism, Dies at 93

Gabe Pressman, a Dean of New York Journalism, Dies at 93

He was 93 and lived in Manhattan. But to generations of mayors, governors and ordinary New Yorkers, he was Gabe: the short, rumpled, pushy guy from Channel 4 who seemed always on the scene, elbowing his way to the front and jabbing his microphone in the face of a witness or a big shot.

Southgate heartened by England's resolve

Two late free-kicks from Griffiths (87, 90) looked to have earned the home side a sensational victory in Saturday's World Cup qualifier , after substitute Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had opened the scoring 20 minutes from time . However, he felt sorry for Griffiths and believes the Scots should have won the match. With five minutes left in the half, England again went close through Adam Lallanna who smashed Gordon's side netting.

Gorilla Busts a Move to

Gorilla Busts a Move to "Maniac" from Flashdance, Steals the Internet's Heart

The video was shot on a hot Tuesday afternoon by Ashley Orr, the zoo's Primate Supervisor. Up the ante and add "Maniac" from the " Flashdance " soundtrack.Then watch it again and again and again. In 2011, when Zola lived at the Calgary Zoo, Zola starred in another dance video . The zoo said the pool and other enrichment items help enhance the environment and lives of animals like Zola by providing them with mental and physical stimulations to increase natural behaviors .

North Korea says it's 'biggest victim' in US student's death

North Korea's treatment of an American student who died after being released from detention in a coma was inhuman and USA patience with Pyongyang is running out, Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said Wednesday. The Hamilton County coroner is still trying to determine the manner and cause of his death Monday, less than a week after his return. The reason that we had this dialogue today is to have an open and frank dialogue about what more can be done in areas of common interests, and I ...