Highlight Reel wins richest race at Ascot

Every day he turns up in a big race. Casse trained Tepin to victory in the Queen Anne Stakes at Ascot previous year, in what was the mare's first race in Europe. Not even the state opening of parliament could keep the Queen away from her favourite sporting occasion on Wednesday, and there is an extra interest for Her Majesty on Thursday, with her first runner of the week coming as Maths Prize tackles 29 others in the Britannia Handicap.

President Trump on Comey tapes -

President Trump on Comey tapes - "My story didn't change"

The President has disputed Comey's version of a January dinner during which the president asked for a pledge of loyalty, according to Comey. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well I didn't tape him. "I have been here only five months, people saying , 'Where is the health care?' Well, I have done in five months what other people haven't done in years", Trump added.

Rubio: Trump's Cuba Policy Will Help 'Individual Cubans'

More than two years ago, then President Barack Obama announced plans to " normalize relations " between the US and Cuban governments , effectively lifting a half-century trade embargo that the USA imposed on the island nation in 1963. But the changes would ultimately meet four objectives, according to the White House: Ensure compliance with USA law, hold the Cuban government accountable for alleged human rights abuses, further the interests of the US and the Cuban people, and "empower ...

Watch Foo Fighters perform new song 'Sunday Rain' live

Watch Foo Fighters perform new song 'Sunday Rain' live

So speaks Dave Grohl of the mission statement made manifest in Foo Fighters' ninth epic, the aptly-titled Concrete and Gold , due out September 15 worldwide on Columbia Records and available for pre-order now. "It's definitely the hugest thing we've ever done". Other names in the frame include Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (both of whom also have connections with the band via Kurstin) and the less likely Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran .

Ron Howard hopes to honour 'great work' done on Han Solo film

Ron Howard hopes to honour 'great work' done on Han Solo film

Reiterating the sentiment in his tweets , Howard went on to say he's "been a fan forever", before he added, "It's gratifying to lend my voice to the Star Wars universe now". Why is he the right guy to take on a story about one of Star Wars' best loved characters, #HanSolo ? "Filming will resume the 10 July". Film trade publications reported that Lord and Miller had clashed with Kennedy and veteran " Star Wars " writer Lawrence Kasdan over the comedic direction of the film.