Highland Reel leads rivals a merry dance at Royal Ascot

Highland Reel leads rivals a merry dance at Royal Ascot

The victory completed an global look to a day on which French trainers Andre Fabre and Jean-Claude Rouget struck with Le Brivido in the Jersey and Quemah in the Duke of Cambridge respectively, while Zhui Feng's 25/1 victory for Amanda Perrett and Martin Dwyer ensured the bookies also went home happy.

A look at Takata's bankruptcy and air bag recalls

The incriminated models use ammonium nitrate without a desiccant and therefore unable to absorb moisture, which can lead to degradation and unsafe explosions over time, under extreme climatic conditions, with the projection of Fragments on the driver or passenger.

Rainbows, and politics too, at pride parade

Rainbows, and politics too, at pride parade

Early hopes that LGBTQ activists in Turkey would be able to peacefully organize a Pride parade for the first time in three years have been decisively and violently dashed. The city's openly gay police chief called the decision divisive and hurtful to LGBT officers. Organizers said the individuals were asked to leave because they expressed Zionist views, but the rejected marchers said they were unfairly targeted for being Jewish.

Trump and Modi exchange hugs, herald stronger US-India ties

On trade, Trump said India should remove barriers to export of United States goods, adding he would like to end the trade deficit in bilateral trade. The administration is also set to offer a $2 billion sale of US -made unarmed drones to help in surveillance of the Indian Ocean. Modi added that both the nations had agreed to increase their cooperation to tackle global challenges like increasing radicalisation, extremism and terrorism.

Next Transformers Movie Could Be Set In Ancient Rome

Wonder Woman , of course, has been a wonder at the box office . Transformers: The Last Knight , the fifth instalment of Michael Bay's maximalist action series, landed with a thud at the North American box office last weekend, taking in just US$45.3 million (S$62.9 million).

Southern Baptist Convention Condemns

Southern Baptist Convention Condemns "Alt-Right" Movement

SBC President Steve Gaines appears in a screen capture of a video from Bellevue Baptist Church. After influencing Southern Baptists to speak out on race-related matters two years in a row, McKissic said work on the issue is far from over.