Video Shows Democratic Activist Bragging About Deploying Troublemakers

For now, that's my take too. The news came after Foval was extensively featured in hidden-camera footage released by conservative activist James O'Keefe and his group, Project Veritas Action . Robert Creamer, DP head and consultant for AUC, told the reporter, "Wherever Trump and Pence are going to be, we have events and we have a whole team across the country that does that".

Clinton on Trump: He literally stalked me at debate

Trump's vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, was silent over the weekend, but resurfaced in television interviews yesterday to reinforce his support. Some 42 percent of American adults, including 19 percent of registered Republicans, said Trump's comments disqualified him, while 43 percent said they did not.

For 'SNL,' Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving

Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live has been a huge talking point. We recommend you watch the 8½-minute sketch in its entirety for jokes about Clinton's forced efforts at being relatable, to a Trump Home Alone 2 reference.

Prater's kick, Bush's pick give Lions 31-28 win over Rams

Prater's kick, Bush's pick give Lions 31-28 win over Rams

All of that got quieted Sunday. "In this case, you show the positives, especially from an offensive standpoint", Fisher said. "He was poised. He was confident". Fisher just wants everyone to know that it wasn't his idea. Both Hayes and Brockers recorded one tackle respectively. Offensive lineman Cody Wichmann (ankle), limited during the week, was part of the active roster but didn't play.

Hundreds in Warsaw protest free-trade deals with US, Canada

Hundreds of people protested Saturday in the Polish capital against free-trade agreements that the European Union is pursuing with the US and Canada, TTIP and CETA, saying they will hurt Polish farmers and consumers. Opponents object to parts of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement will be implemented before all national parliaments in the European Union have voted on it.Germany is now clear to vote on CETA next week, which will need unanimous support from all 28 members of the bloc.

Canada Takes to Social Media to Tell America It's Great

Canada Takes to Social Media to Tell America It's Great

Using the hashtag #tellamericaitsgreat , Canadians have swamped Twitter with compliments about American music, culture, technology and even tailgating. "And a Brit tried to squeeze in on the cyber-love, tweeting: "... you lot are the best cousins we could ask for. Some Americans have returned the favor with "TellCanadaThankYou".