Dead in Panama As Otto Moves Toward Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Dead in Panama As Otto Moves Toward Costa Rica, Nicaragua

The hurricane center says Colombia has issued a tropical storm warning for San Andres Island. Three people have been killed in Panama by severe weather caused by Hurricane Otto which is barreling towards Central America. Costa Rica's National Emergency Commission said it was evacuating 4,000 people from the area where the storm was expected to hit and where rivers could overflow.

Florence Henderson, TV's Carol Brady, dies at 82

She hugged people and took pictures and signed autographs. Henderson defended the original television show from its detractors, who ridiculed it for its simplistic, impossibly wholesome plots and its idealized portrait of family life. There, the Benedictine nuns taught her to sing Latin Masses and Gregorian chants. Florence's Dancing With The Stars partner Corky Ballas was also full of praise for the actress, calling her "sweet positive and amazing".

Putin gives Russian passport to US actor Steven Seagal

On Deadly Ground actor Seagal, 64, signed his new passport in front of Putin during a ceremony at the Kremlin. Indeed Seagal who arrived in Moscow last week has since already offered to invest in Russian IT company Galaktika and even starred in an add for Russian communications firm Megafon.

Arrests in Athens as protest turns violent during Obama's visit to Greece

Arrests in Athens as protest turns violent during Obama's visit to Greece

The Greek police say several hundred protesters appeared to be from Greece's vocal anarchist movement. He said he would only help North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies if they paid their way. "But given the nature of technology, it is my assertion that it's not possible to cut ourselves off from one another". In his remarks, the president defended the idea of fashioning policies that knit the world more closely together while alleviating some of its economic ills.

Gilmore Girls: Fans react to the final four words

Could it be a spinoff that follows Rory's single motherhood life? Then Rory will be seen in an apartment in London, and from one of the room, who would emerge but Logan (Matt Czuchry), one of Rory's ex-beau. They are a family that Rory truly, genuinely dislikes. It's unlikely Rory would have been setting off to cover the Obama campaign, for example, if she had just found out she was pregnant.

Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Ends with the Perfect Shock

It was brief but it happened! Even Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory and therefore knows her better than just about anyone, was shocked by the storyline. "Like so many people , in Lorelai and Rory , I see pieces of myself, my mother, and my daughter", she continued. "I rewatched a lot of the shows, but I didn't have time to get through all of them, because I had to start writing".