Petrol Price Hiked By ₹2.21 A Litre, Diesel By ₹1.79 A Litre

Petrol now costs Rs 68.94. Whereas, the diesel now costs Rs 56.68 Delhi, Rs 62.40 in Mumbai, Rs 58.92 in Kolkata and Rs 58.28 in Chennai. Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas said that the price of per barrel of Indian basket of crude oil stood at $53.11 on December 14, 2016.

Prince Harry looks glum after dropping Meghan Markle off at the airport

Is Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's sexiest girlfriend? Due to Meghan already being a celebrity and used to the spotlight, in addition to being a humanitarian, she is a ideal fit for Harry and the royals. While Prince Harry and Kate get on tremendously well and can normally be seen sharing a joke at official occasions, not even his close friendship with his sister in law could put a smile on his face.

Leigh-Anne shares snap of cut face after news of 'restaurant attack'

She said: "I know what you're thinking". Leigh-Anne Pinnock reportedly left the restaurant in tears after allegedly being attacked by the man. To which she whispered into her ear: "Anal". The singer posted two Snapchats following the incident, both showing a sizeable bruise on her cheek, but in them, she claims that she "fell out of a car".

Pregnancy changes a woman's brain

Whereas animal studies have shown that pregnancy is associated with apparently long-lasting anatomical brain changes-accompanied by adaptive changes, such as rodent mothers becoming better at foraging for food-virtually no studies have drilled down on anatomical changes in the human brain during pregnancy .

Uber's self-driving cars still operating on SF roads despite DMW's order

Uber's self-driving cars still operating on SF roads despite DMW's order

California defines autonomous vehicles as having the "capability" to drive "without the active physical control or monitoring of a natural person". As of Wednesday night, the Volvos - distinctive in look with sensors protruding from their tops - were still roaming San Francisco's streets.

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

Sooo, we guess Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes never ended that relationship we never had confirmation of in the first place? Ha! The couple were only there for one night, leaving the following evening, with the source saying that Suri was not with them.