Police Search For Gold Theft Suspect In LA

The suspect, 53-year-old Julio Nivelo ( among other aliases ), is apparently hiding out in Los Angeles, and authorities have launched "Operation Lucky Charm" to track him down. He was last seen wearing a black vest, a green shirt, blue jeans and was carrying a black messenger bag. According to The Associated Press, Nivelo is a career thief from New Jersey and has been arrested and deported back to his home country of Ecuador on several occasions.

Mega-Drone Carries Casey Neistat Skyward In Soaring Viral Holiday Video

YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat has won Christmas with an epic holiday-themed video that features him as snowboarding Santa who ditches the sleigh and replaces it with a human-flying drone. The video, apparently filmed as a promotion for a Samsung 360 degree camera, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. And if you're interested in behind the scenes action, you can check out more here .

Nile Rodgers Announces New Music with Chic!

The band were nominated for induction into the music institution for the eleventh time this year (16) but they failed to make the cut again, making them the most-nominated group not to get in. It lost so many giants to the Angel of Death. In a post on his website , he calls out the passing of David Bowie , calling their work on Let's Dance as "one of the highest plateaus of my career".

Delta kicked Adam Saleh off flight for speaking Arabic, YouTube star claims

A theme of many of his videos centers around gauging reaction to either Arab dress or language. In the video , the star yelled, "I can not believe my eyes ..." The statement added, "We are taking allegations of discrimination very seriously; our culture requires treating others with respect".

Hilarious footage shows Giant Panda tumbling off snowman at Toronto Zoo

For a short time at least, before losing his balance. A giant panda at the Toronto Zoo chose to take on a snowman in a wrestling match - but the victor of the encounter is debatable. Let's be a bit more like this panda. In the three-minute clip Da Mao is seen eventually aborting his mission and gleefully rolling around in the snow instead.

RIP - Veteran actor Jaganatha Varma Passes away at 78

RIP - Veteran actor Jaganatha Varma Passes away at 78

He started his film career through A Beem Singh's Mattoli . He retired as a superintendent of police. It is hard to think of any other actor who has played as many such roles and with as much finesse. He imbibed his Kathakali skills from Kalamandalam Raman Namboothiri and was also known to be a skilled exponent of the chenda (drum). He is survived by wife, daughter and some other talented personalities of the film industry- son Manu (a popular TV actor), and son-in-law Viji Thampi (a ...