Kanye West Cancels European Leg of Saint Pablo Tour

News of the European tour cancellation comes after Kanye cancelled the 21 remaining dates of his USA tour after he was hospitalised for exhaustion and diagnosed with temporary psychosis in November. The report added that the "Late Registration" rapper's insurance policy will see him reimbursed for "any lost profits or expenses associated with cancellations that result from a medical condition".

Pantsuit Nation Is Becoming A Book, And Not Everyone Is Pleased

Pantsuit Nation Is Becoming A Book, And Not Everyone Is Pleased

But following Chamberlain's announcement of a "permanent, beautiful, holdable, snuggle-in-bed-able, dogear-able, shareable, tearstainable book" to be composed from a collection of the members' stories, many feminists criticized the move. The kind of book that will inspire and connect people. If each and every one purchases the book edition in spring, it won't just be an iconic Facebook group, but also a smash hit publishing story.

James Ibori reportedly released from United Kingdom prison

James Ibori reportedly released from United Kingdom prison

According to him, the apparent decision to block Ibori's release and detain him appeared to have come from the highest echelons of the UK Government - the Home Secretary whom he claimed was accused in Wednesday's hearing of acting unlawfully and misusing her powers.

A First Look! The Official Trailer For Blade Runner 2049

Gosling is LAPD Officer K, another 'blade runner, ' who goes in search of Deckard after discovering a bombshell secret 30 years after the events of the original movie. The movie is set to be released on October 6 and is being directed by Denis Villeneuve, who is now earning awards season praise for his movie "Arrival", which was released earlier this year.

Police Search For Gold Theft Suspect In LA

The suspect, 53-year-old Julio Nivelo ( among other aliases ), is apparently hiding out in Los Angeles, and authorities have launched "Operation Lucky Charm" to track him down. He was last seen wearing a black vest, a green shirt, blue jeans and was carrying a black messenger bag. According to The Associated Press, Nivelo is a career thief from New Jersey and has been arrested and deported back to his home country of Ecuador on several occasions.

Mega-Drone Carries Casey Neistat Skyward In Soaring Viral Holiday Video

YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat has won Christmas with an epic holiday-themed video that features him as snowboarding Santa who ditches the sleigh and replaces it with a human-flying drone. The video, apparently filmed as a promotion for a Samsung 360 degree camera, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. And if you're interested in behind the scenes action, you can check out more here .