Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington: Sherlock couple split after 15 years

In real life, Martin and Amanda share two children, Grace , eight, and Joe , ten. "I'm not with Amanda anymore". She added to an upcoming edition of The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "You can't be away from people for too long, because you start to function on your own, and you get used to being separate [from] the person you're supposed to be with".

"Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher suffers heart attack on flight from London

NBC Southern California reports the actress was in full cardiac arrest and her condition was "not good", according to law enforcement. Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie, who played Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens , wrote: "The whole world is sending you so much love!" Fisher was flying back from London when she allegedly experienced her medical emergency.

Rumour Has It That Zayn Has Proposed To Gigi Hadid!

Rumour Has It That Zayn Has Proposed To Gigi Hadid!

Word on the street is that Zayn's already popped the question to Gigi; An offer she reportedly declined despite the fact we'd literally walk over hot coals, sell our own sister and do various other unmentionable things to have extended to us.

Mariah Carey Releasing Three Holiday Music Videos

Mariah Carey Releasing Three Holiday Music Videos

Oh wait, it's just Mariah Carey, dressed up in a sexy Santa Claus-y ensemble that leaves precious little to the imagination. Last year Packer and Carey paraded about in Aspen as their relationship appeared to hit its strides, though a reunion this Christmas seems highly unlikely given their acrimonious break-up.

Justice League Will See Lex Luthor's Return, New Confirmed Cameo

You expect vehicle chases to have an assortment of effects, but scenes like the flooded town rescue where Superman hovers above are some of the most heavily edited, with the townsfolk standing on green material covered palettes. That's why they quickly released a trailer for Justice League that was packed with comedic quips, while they also informed everyone involved in the film to say that it's lighter.

Bieber indicted in Argentina

Justin Bieber has been indicted in Argentina for allegedly telling his bodyguard to beat up a photographer and steal his camera when he was in Buenos Aires back in 2013. The warrant was issued in April, 2015, but the singer avoided a possible punishment of up to a year behind bars after another court official reportedly withdrew the order.