Keepers Say Pregnant Animal Not Ready Yet

April is between 15 and 16 months pregnant, Animal Adventure Park officials said . More than 230,000 people were watching April the giraffe's every move Monday, anticipating the birth of the 150-pound calf. It didn't help that word of an imminent delivery for a giraffe named April landed on April Fools' Day Eve. There's been a lot of speculation of how long April has been in labor and if she's actually contracting.

'Ghost in the Shell' lacks soul

It's unimaginative, uninteresting and so unoriginal that I actually found myself wondering if this movie had been left to rot in a studio vault for a decade and a half before it was released. And, like the bad Autómata , the film's big urban "idea" is a bunch of giant holograms that advertise products on top of and between buildings. We see that coming a mile away.

Nikki Bella Is Taking Time Off From WWE After WrestleMania 33

Bella used the opportunity to ask John all kinds of questions when he was under the effect of the "truth serum" to satisfy her curiosity, but this one time the roles reversed. Bella started appearing regularly on WWE in 2008 alongside her twin sister Brie (real name: Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace). The 39-year-old wrestler and Hollywood star's romance with Bella (a star in her own right) has always been a central piece for not just WWE but also on the reality show Total Divas .

Major Update On WWE Superstar Shake-Up Plans For AJ Styles

According to PWInsider .com, there has been some talk of moving Styles to Raw so that he can reunite with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows on WWE TV. There exists a degree of concern over the prospect of no big name singles star moving over to SmackDown Live as a substitution for Styles, especially with John Cena out of the picture for now.

Continues to Take Aim at Triple H

Continues to Take Aim at Triple H

You can find the video here. During the rant, Patron took aim at Triple H and WWE, referring to the company as "pu**ies", and taking shots at Triple H's nose. He didn't spend the entire video burning every bridge with the WWE, though, as he and Paige set an approximate wedding date: "in June", she said.

Brock Lesnar Beats Goldberg to Win WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33

Brock Lesnar Beats Goldberg to Win WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33

In just four minutes and 45 seconds, far longer than Goldberg's previous singles matches in this run combined, Goldberg and Lesnar squeezed every last ounce of potential, with 10 suplexes, four spears, a jackhammer and eventually an F5, in giving Lesnar his most hard-fought and well-earned victory in a long, long time.