21st Century stock rises after O'Reilly firing

Burgess, who worked at Fox as a temp for a colleague of O'Reilly's, had remained anonymous until her appearance on "The View", but decided to make the accusations in public in the wake of O'Reilly's abrupt firing from Fox News. She said that she had settled with the network and was bound by a confidentiality agreement so she could not discuss her case in further detail. For most of Fox's existence, O'Reilly had been the linchpin of its success as the most visible and most watched host.

Bill O'Reilly Severance: Fox News Host to Get $25 Million

She said that O'Reilly didn't speak to her for weeks except to make sexualized grunting noises when he'd walk by her desk. O'Reilly subsequently released a statement in which he alluded to the sexual harassment allegations as "unfounded claims".

"Scandal" Recap: "Trojan Horse"

Olivia sends Jake to see David Rosen, who is fooling around with the enemy, Ms. Ruland. He is getting released from jail immediately. Girl isn't wrong. Olivia refused to give her father up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Frankie's killer, knowing that if he was sent to jail, the Shadowy Organization™ would see him as a threat and likely put him in the ground.

Eva Longoria Isn't Pregnant, She Just Ate A Load Of Cheese

Eva Longoria Isn't Pregnant, She Just Ate A Load Of Cheese

Longoria seems to be enjoying her stay, posting this video jumping for joy into a stunning pool at the base of a waterfall. I have to tell you all I did was eat cheese, ' Eva told her followers with a laugh. Look, there I am not swollen (it shows his ultra flat stomach, editor's note) but it's just a pre-pancake situation. Showing she's a good sport, she continued: 'Seriously I looked so fat.

Mel B's ex-nanny suing the former Spice Girl for defamation

Stephen Belafonte has emerged a conversation he had with them before the separation: "Mom is really angry against you, that's why she will not let us come to you". It'll be inneresting to see how Mel B's lawyer claps back at this development. As a result, TMZ reports that a judge has awarded mum-of-three Mel with a restraining order against the nanny, meaning that she is forbidden from coming within 100 feet of her, or harassing her.

Prince home state marks death anniversary with celebrations

Prince home state marks death anniversary with celebrations

From the late nineties onwards, Paisley Park gradually became a relative "ghost town" as Prince downsized, made the complex his home and less acts came to hire the studios or rehearsal spaces. Today, April 21 marks exactly one year since we lost the majestic and genius Prince Rogers Nelson. "We'll definitely come back to Minnesota", said Sandhu.