Ted Cruz refuses to endorse Donald Trump in his RNC speech

Ted Cruz refuses to endorse Donald Trump in his RNC speech

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz addresses the Republican National Convention in Cleveland , Ohio on July 20, 2016. What made Cruz's "vote your conscience" line not just a moment but a big moment were the loud boos that greeted him from pro-Trump delegates-on orders from the Trump campaign-who were infuriated by the perceived slight of the GOP presidential nominee.

Pokemon Go Japan Delayed, Nintendo Shares Hit Wall

Fast food chain McDonald's will be the first launch partner for " Pokemon GO ". While a small smartphone accessory manufacturer has already seen a slight rise in stocks to meet the smartphone battery-drain demand, another bigger company is predicted to make the most out of the Pokemon Go craze.

Leslie Jones Returns to Twitter After Racist Troll Attacks

Leslie Jones Returns to Twitter After Racist Troll Attacks

An editor with the conservative website Breitbart has been banned from Twitter after racist abuse was directed at a star of the new Ghostbusters film. In a statement published first by Breitbart , Yiannopoulos argued his suspension was "cowardly" and suggested the social media site was "a no-go zone for conservatives ".

Melania Trump speechwriter takes blame for plagiarism

When the bombastic mogul came down the escalators of Trump Towers in NY 13 months ago to announce his candidacy, few experts gave him even the faintest chance. "He's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers", the vice presidential nominee continued. Did anyone vet Cruz's speech? Given that, Rudy Giuliani's speech has to be rated as a good one for Trump as a candidate.

Kim Kardashian/Kanye Could Be In Trouble For That Taylor Swift Video

And, just recently, Kardashian released the recording on Snapchat , which did include Swift saying, "I really appreciate it. The heads-up is so nice". In the clips Kim posted of the exchange to her social media, Taylor is asked if she is happy with the lyrics. Williams took things up a notch and said, "Sometimes you don't mind being called a B if it's in the right context..." "It doesn't exist because it never happened..." The feud continued for years, but the pair made up last year, ...

Clinton Opposition Constant at Republican National Convention

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment. "Making America safe, has to pieces to it. It focuses on certainly the worldwide peace that, you know, the point of the campaign...The points the campaign is making relate to certainly the rise of terrorism, -the dysfunctionality in the Middle East, a lack of leadership presented by the Obama and Clinton administration around the world and the consequences of that weak or failed leadership", Manafort said.