Carrie Fisher not a part of Star Wars: Episode IX

He added that in no way is this the end of what his team is doing in " Star Wars " animation. Fisher's brother, Todd, had said earlier in the week that he'd agreed to let LucasFilms use his sister's likeness in Chapter 9, the film that follows " Last Jedi ".

New Star Wars Land Concept Art and Behind-the-Scenes Footage Gets Fans Excited

The expansion to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World is set on a Morocco-style planet on the Outer Rim of the Star Wars universe. Maybe, a little too interactive. Imagineers and executives aren't telling (though they did test something similar in 2014). Last but not least, they said they should have more information regarding the stories and the characters of the land at the D23 Expo in July.

Pope Urges Restraint Among World Leaders

Pope Urges Restraint Among World Leaders

Thousands gathered at St Peter's square in the Vatican for Easter Sunday mass on April 16, 2017. Francis said the bombing, which killed more than 100 people near the city of Aleppo, was "the latest vile attack on fleeing refugees". He prayed for God's blessing on "those experiencing moments of crisis and difficulty, especially due to high unemployment, particularly among young people".

'Star Wars Rebels' to end with season four

EA has announced that those who pre-order the game will be able to get exclusive content inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While the bad guys are getting the center spotlight this time around, players will still get to experience things from the heroes point of view at times, including one mission that puts them in the role of none other than Luke Skywalker.

How the Region will remember Vimy Ridge

Ladies and gentlemen, let us never forget. About 20,000 people, including many Canadians, are expected to attend a ceremony remembering the day Canadian troops succeeded in taking a strategic post from the Germans where past British and French attempts had failed.

In interview, Trump seems to rule out deeper U.S. intervention in Syria

In interview, Trump seems to rule out deeper U.S. intervention in Syria

Looking at the resolution's supporters sitting around the horseshoe-shaped table in the Security Council, Safronkov said: "You are afraid of an impartial investigation". France, Britain and the United States have accused President Bashar al-Assad's forces of carrying out the attack that killed at least 87 civilians, including 31 children.