US and European Union Hold Talks on Proposed In-Flight Laptop Ban

European airlines and regulators are preparing for the possibility that the Trump administration could ban laptops and other large devices from the cabins of flights from Europe to the United States. The current ban applies to people traveling from airports in eight Middle Eastern and North African airports. Additionally, enacting the ban could endanger flights, since devices with a history of causing lithium-ion battery fires could potentially set off deadly explosions in the cargo holds ...

The most popular baby names are…

The most popular baby names are…

Noah was the most popular boys name for the fourth consecutive year, while Emma was the most popular girls name for the third consecutive year. The second biggest jumps were for the names Royalty (for girls) and Creed (for boys), with pop culture playing a big role in overall baby name popularity.

Acting FBI director undercuts White House on Comey firing

Acting FBI director undercuts White House on Comey firing

McCabe, a career FBI agent who ran the Washington field office and oversaw national security investigations out of headquarters, was a target of Trump's on the campaign trail following reports that his wife had accepted campaign donations from a close ally of Hillary Clinton during a failed bid for the state Senate.

Kelly Rips set to announce new co-host for 'Live'

Ripa said she was blindsided by Strahan's departure and even took some time away from hosting the show. Seacrest joked that he did tease friends via Twitter that a big personal announcement was forthcoming. Before bringing Seacrest onstage, she told her audience, "Today, the next chapter of the "Live" story is about to be written ". "I needed a couple days to gather my thoughts".

Democrats outraged at timing of Comey's firing

Comey said that he responded, "Yes, you will have that". Comey, they said, declined to make such a pledge but told Trump he would always give him "honesty". The Republican candidate-turned-US president and his White House staff are entangled in a web of contradicting statements before and after the dismissal of the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Charlie Hunnam was offered a part in 'Game Of Thrones'

Asked by Ritchie if he would include any women, Hunnam replied: "I was going to say Madonna and then I realised". He said: "The guy that looked after them said I would probably get one presented to me at the wrap party". Hunnam added: "I think we have a few irons in the fire, he has a little TV show he slipped me". Ritchie appeared less convinced, telling the actor: "I'm not sure that's this film Charlie".