China not labelled currency manipulator, but kept on US 'monitoring list'

China not labelled currency manipulator, but kept on US 'monitoring list'

No countries were determined to have met all three of these criteria, but Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland all met two of them. "By putting a deadline, they say, 'Oh, Trump didn't make it...." While Trump has promised to aggressively address trade imbalances and open the Chinese market to more American goods and services, William Zarit, the Chamber's current chairman, said the talks need to address the "structural impediments" US companies face in China .

Millions of Christians worldwide celebrate Easter

Millions of Christians worldwide celebrate Easter

To those who believe and receive, the resurrection changes everything! In fact I found myself chatting to one of them just the other day, and I can assure you that the experience had completely unnerved him. She was thrown from the vehicle and was dying on the side of the road. It is the singular event which proves that those who trust in God and accept Christ will be raised from the dead.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

If you're a wrestling fan who also happens to follow the National Basketball Association, then you're very well aware of the issue the league has been dealing with where playoff teams rest their starters in the regular season. WWE.com has put up their official WWE Monday Night RAW Preview. With respect to his relationship with McMahon since being back with WWE, Angle said that he does not know what type of greeting he will get from McMahon from one day to the next, though he is glad to have ...

Turkish opposition urges board to cancel referendum result

The referendum on Sunday night followed remarks from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, of which Turkey is a member, that the conditions for the vote did not appear "fair". The amendments to the constitution are likely to allow Erdogan to hold the office for two more terms until 2029. The prime minister role will also be done away with after the next election in 2019.

Battlefront 2 has multi-perspective, emotional campaign

When the woman interviewing him said, "so the last Jedi would be Luke", Johnson got a little vague. As spaceships go zooming across the sky, we watch Rey (Daisy Ridley) swinging her lightsaber while standing on the edge of a seaside cliff.

Fast and Furious 8 Breaks Box Office Records

Although the official figures don't come out until Monday morning, "The Fate of the Furious" appears to be on track to best "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", which now holds the record at $529 million following its 2015 release. The uncertainty the franchise that followed the death of Paul Walker seems to be all but gone: we're guessing, as long as the cast is willing to come back, the Furious movies will keep coming.