'Walking Dead' offers glimpse of King Ezekiel at Comic-Con

'Walking Dead' offers glimpse of King Ezekiel at Comic-Con

With so numerous show's stars staring down the barbed-wire face of Lucille, it seemed like they would either have to reveal who's still around in the Season 7 trailer, or figure out a way to focus on the characters we know for certain weren't beaten to a bloody pulp.

'Fear the Walking Dead' introduces new cast member

'Fear the Walking Dead' introduces new cast member

The trailer for season 7 picks right where the finale ended with a long and arduous recap of Neegan killing somebody. The first season had only six episodes, but Season 2 will have 15. "I did not expect it to be so insane, I'm really, really flattered - it's blown my mind", the 40-year-old Northern Irish actor said. Not surprisingly, the first trailer does not offer the big reveal.

Trump Says He'll Never Accept Endorsement From Cruz

So, as controversy continues to surround Trump's candidacy and the Republican Party , can the businessman and reality star win the USA presidency? "This election is no longer just about Democrats vs. He was a volunteer who took a week-long vacation from his steel plant job in southwestern Pennsylvania to drive to Cleveland and be with Donald Trump .

Trump promises to 'restore law and order' in America

His team told him it's a "boring speech" and the Texas senator even congratulates him for his nomination. "Last night's speech took it to a whole new level". With the last week belonging to the Republicans, Hillary Clinton's camp is gearing up to take the spotlight. In a key moment earlier in the night, Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel told the convention he was proud to be gay.

Clinton-Kaine team to make public debut Saturday

Potential progressive backlash to Tim Kaine was slow to mount Friday evening after Hillary Clinton chose him as her running mate, though a few traditional Democratic interest groups did take shots at him after the selection was made. John Hickenlooper, Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Housing Secretary Julian Castro. As Oregon's Democratic and Republican delegations were crisscrossing the country to and from their parties' national conventions Friday, Virginia Sen.

Black Lives Matter rally takes place in Derby city centre

Clearly, confronting the cops with a hostile attitude hasn't been helping. He had called the demonstrators "hypocrites" for expecting protection from the same police they were protesting, a remark for which he has since expressed some regret.