Portugal wins Eurovision 2017 Song Contest for the first time

Portugal wins Eurovision 2017 Song Contest for the first time

Bulgaria has participated in Eurovision for 11 times. "The Eurovision is the most famous song contest in the world". The 27-year-old singer only arrived in Kiev a week before the grand final, prevented from attending the earlier rehearsals because of a life-threatening heart condition and is reportedly awaiting a heart transplant.

Mother's Day 2017: Quotes, remembrances, inspiration and more to celebrate mom

Wish you a Happy Mother's Day Mom. Many had absent mothers or were from homes where mom was swamped with the responsibilities that a one parent household brings and maybe was just so exhausted at the end of the day that she wasn't physically or emotionally able to pour into the lives of her children.

Streaker invades Eurovision stage during live final

Before the grand final, Bulgaria won two journalist awards - for best special effect and best stage performance. "This is a victory for music. music isn't fireworks, music is feeling". In response, Russia's state-owned Channel 1 television refused to broadcast the contest. While there was initial debate over whether Russia would attend Eurovision 2017 due to ongoing political disputes between themselves and the Ukraine, Russia announced their 2017 entrant would be Yulia Samoylova with her ...

Bindi refutes dating rumours between mother and Russell Crowe

Bindi refutes dating rumours between mother and Russell Crowe

Bindi Irwin can only laugh at the rumors that her mom Terri is dating actor Russell Crowe. "In all honesty he and Steve became friends many years ago and after Steve passed, you find out who your true friends are", Terri said . "And I've got handsome kids and a lot of wonderful conservation work". Bindi Irwin's got her mum's back, that's for sure! "Russell is lovely.

Q & A on global cyber attack

Tech staffs around the world worked around the clock this weekend to protect computers and patch networks to block the computer hack whose name sounds like a pop song - "WannaCry" - as analysts warned the global ransomware attack could be just the first of a new wave of strikes by computer criminals.

Melissa McCarthy Becomes a Legend as Sean Spicer

Seriously - McCarthy nails this particular gig with her biting impersonation of the snappy, scattered White House official. Hopefully it will be just one of many highlights from the new episode airing on SNL this weekend. Watch Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer cruising around NYC below. "That's good to the last drop!" she remarks in deadpan fashion as the "Saturday Night Live" audience is heard rolling in the aisles.