LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Officially Announced!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Officially Announced!

Both Green Goblin and Iron Man flew by in split-second cameos, which seemingly confirms that this game will feature more than just characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this installment, the heroes will be battling Kang the Conqueror across Chromopolis. Packed with entertaining LEGO humor for fans of all ages, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 features a four player multiplayer mode, allowing friends and family to play competitively or cooperatively as a team.

Fox News Co-President Shine Steps Down Amid Internal Strife

It is being reported that after the firing of Fox News co-President Bill Shine, Sean Hannity is looking to leave Fox and it is being speculated that he could be gone by Friday. A Fox spokesperson said the company hopes to fill the position of co-president left vacant by Shine's exit. Prior to that, Shine oversaw all opinion programming and production as an Executive Vice President.

Eurovision 2017 averages 6.7m viewers on BBC One

Sobral says that "I'm exhausted". I know this won't last. "What interests me is making music with meaning". Francesco Gabbani of Italy had led bookmakers' tallies for many days leading up to the final, but he ended up placing sixth even though his act seemed the epitome of Eurovision's cheerfully tacky aesthetics - singing a driving number about spirituality while accompanied by someone in a gorilla suit.

Watch Melissa McCarthy transform into Sean Spicer

Meanwhile, McCarthy spoke about how SNL first approached her to play Spicer, admitting she was a bit blindsided by the offer. Let's just say it's a good week for McCarthy to be appearing on the show. Cellphone videos posted on social media showed McCarthy suited up shouting at cars to get out of the way as she cruised through traffic. Although McCarthy/Spicer initially greets the audience with her now-famous scowl, her expression quickly softens into one of joy.

Melissa McCarthy drives podium around NYC as Sean Spicer for 'SNL' gag

McCarthy hosts "SNL" this Saturday, May 13. "Come on, come on!" yelled McCarthy's "Spicey" as she rolled aggressively forward on the motorized press podium. The only women to host SNL five or more times are Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Tina Fey, and Scarlett Johannson. Spicey - with the help of his motorized podium - is hitting the road.

Portugal win Eurovision for first time

Sobral's jazz-style ballad Amar Pelos Dois (Love for Both) received 785 points from the jury and public votes. "Meeting and performing with the artists from other countries, and getting to know the Ukrainian people has been an experience I will never forget and I will always be honoured to have represented Australia".