Warner Bros. calms fans with fun 'Justice League' footage

It wasn't only the Justice League that had the spotlight in the Warner Bros. The first full trailer made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con, and focuses on Will Arnett's hilariously wacky version of The Dark Knight . Superheroes may have dominated the day, but a first look at next year's " Kong: Skull Island ", drew the loudest gasps from the Comic-Conners. "What's not cool about choppers and napalm and King Kong?" the director said.

Swift v/s Wests: Fergie says it's all for publicity!

Swift v/s Wests: Fergie says it's all for publicity!

Vixen Amber Rose has come to the defense of former boyfriend Kanye West in his growing feud with country singer Taylor Swift following a leaked private conversation. Amber Rose has always been one to speak her mind, so we were pretty surprised when the normally outspoken host of VH1's The Amber Rose Show made a decision to keep relatively mum following the release of her ex's "Famous" video.

John Cho Discusses Gay Kiss Cut From

John Cho Discusses Gay Kiss Cut From "Star Trek Beyond"

I just wanted that to look convincingly intimate. One of the writers of Star Trek Beyond and Hollywood mainstay Bryan Fuller has said writing the character of Sulu as gay was key to better "representation". Beyond Takei's reaction, Cho also anticipated backlash from some in the Asian-American community, as the gay character could be seen as contributing to the "continuing feminization of Asian men".

The speechwriter behind Donald Trump's convention address

Republican Senator and former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has defended his decision not to endorse Donald Trump, saying today that he was not the candidate's "servile puppy dog" in a damaging rift at the party's convention ahead of the election on 8 November.

Trump aide: Cruz only RNC speech that was 'poorly received'

Trump aide: Cruz only RNC speech that was 'poorly received'

Overseas U.S. allies as well as voters at home were closely watching Trump's Thursday night address, which comes the day after his suggestion that he might not defend America's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners as president. With the Trump ticket now seeking to unite Republicans, unrest flared briefly just one block from the convention site. Trump assailed Clinton's tenure as secretary of state and blasted a nuclear agreement with Iran that promised America "nothing".