Sharon Osbourne wants Taylor Swift to 'rise' above Kanye's public feud

Sharon Osbourne wants Taylor Swift to 'rise' above Kanye's public feud

The video posted by Kardashian showed West talking to Swift over the phone, where the rapper seemed to be asking for Swift's approval on the lyrics of "Famous". If you like Corden's brand of humour then this will definitely be up your street; credit where it's due though, the line about Kim Kardashian featuring the word "screwed" in the opening monologue is a real zinger.

Day off for south Indians as new film sparks frenzy

The film witnessed nearly 90 percent occupancy across South India, whereas the Hindi version, which released across the rest of the country, saw anywhere between 40 to 60 percent occupancy . Kabali is set in the Tamil community in Malaysia. The craze for megastar Rajinikanth's KABALI is clearly everywhere. In some places, fans complained of lack of availability of tickets as they were bulk-booked by individuals and companies well in advance but there was an overall mood of joy ...

Walker Endorses Trump In RNC Speech

Walker Endorses Trump In RNC Speech

Cruz rankled Republicans, and was heartily booed, after urging delegates to "vote your conscience" rather than explicitly calling for them to support Trump. "And those are all things that we don't have a great sense about beyond platitudes about 'making America great again'". He also spoke about reforming the American economy and spoke as an outsider, saying Ms Clinton would keep the country on the same path.

The Clinton-Kaine Debut

The site of Kaine's first joint appearance with Clinton is Florida International University, where the student body is more than half Hispanic. "How do you take all these gifts?" There's reports now that Tim Kaine has accepted $160,000 in gifts while he was serving as lieutenant governor and governor of Virginia.

Hampton Roads community reacts to Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine ticket

HARI SREENIVASAN: And there was a different vibe in that roll-out speech as well. "On his worst, worst, worst day, Tim Kaine is 100 times better than Donald Trump will ever be", Sanders said. "But if something were to put that in my path, as much as any human being would be ready, I'd be ready". Bernie Sanders, Mrs. Clinton's primary rival, who opposes TPP.

First 'Justice League' footage highlights the humor

Superman's in, Wonder Woman's in, and somehow so is Cyborg (we must've missed that pitch). The reel begins in what looks like a bar in a small fishing village. The ever-serious, glum-faced Master Bruce Wayne can be seen smiling! The man from the sea throws Wayne up against a wall. Wonder Woman in Justice League.