Do you think health care is a privilege?

Do you think health care is a privilege?

In another question, McCullough declined to identify herself as a feminist saying that she believes in " equalism ". "But one thing I want to say is that women are just as equal to men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace". "I try not to consider myself this die-hard, like, I don't really care about men". At the start of the Miss USA broadcast Sunday night, most of Twitter was cheering on Miss D.C.

Friend of Trump: Comey was not obligated to tell Congress

Trump disclosed classified information in that meeting. Comey was so appalled by the request that he wanted to document it, sources said. A second source told CNN's Jake Tapper that Comey wants to testify and do so publicly. "I have my subpoena pen ready", Chaffetz tweeted on Tuesday. "No one would write a federal statute with this situation in mind because it's such an extraordinary situation", said Jens David Ohlin, a dean at Cornell University Law School.

Prince Philip Set To Retire From Royal Duties

Prince Philip Set To Retire From Royal Duties

Buckingham Palace has announced the Duke of Edinburgh will step down from all public engagements from the autumn of this year. " Prince Philip will attend previously scheduled engagements between now and August, both individually and accompanying The Queen ".

Harry Potter prequel stolen!

Digpal, who admitted he's only read one of the Harry Potter books, told the BBC he was anxious it would be sold again on the black market, unless it was destroyed because they were unaware of its value. The apparently untitled story is worth a massive £25,000 ($32,200 USD) after it was sold to a private bidder a charity auction nine years ago. Rowling herself tweeted out a signal bump to fans, advising them against purchasing the item should they come across it.

Miley Cyrus Doesn't Regret Breaking Up With Liam Hemsworth

Tish Cyrus, Miley's mother, was a little anxious about it at the time because according to the Hannah Montana star, she didn't want her to go by herself to meet Perry. Okay, so we totally get it. "I'm not digging smoking right now because I really want to be as present as possible and being able to be as here as I possibly can be", Cyrus commented.

'King Arthur' Is The First (And Maybe Worst) Flop Of The Summer

Warner Bros' plans for a King Arthur franchise of up to six movies lie in tatters this morning, following a brutal time at the box office for Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword . It was a crowded weekend at the box office, but only one film managed to have a successful three days. In terms of demographics, Snatched played to an audience that was 77% female vs.