Fox fires

Fox fires "The Five" panelist Beckel for racially insensitive remark

Fox News is facing a racial-discrimination lawsuit from more than 10 current and former employees - chiefly on the business side of the network - who cited racist remarks by a company comptroller, Judith Slater, who was sacked this year, according to The New York Times .

'Scarface' Reboot Movie Has David Ayer Attached as Director!

'Scarface' Reboot Movie Has David Ayer Attached as Director!

Earlier drafts were written by Paul Attanasio and David Ayer . Scarface has already been set for an August 2018 premiere. But he has since dropped out, citing scheduling issues. The Scarface reboot will be a Bluegrass Films and Global Produce production. So you can expect some oddball humor to seep in. Ayer is now putting the finishing touches on his Netflix film Bright, which stars Will Smith.

The Queen Enjoys Her First Night Out In Over A Year

The Queen Enjoys Her First Night Out In Over A Year

According to The Telegraph , the Monarch attended an invitation-only birthday event alongside guests including cousin Prince Michael and comedian David Walliams. She also celebrated her 80th birthday at the French brasserie and oyster bar, renowned for its exclusive French red wine list. The last time she was spotted at a London restaurant was in March 2016, where she could be seen at her usual favourite, supposedly Bellamy's restaurant in Mayfair.

French elections 2017: Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Important vote of confidence of the French in a United Europe! While Europe will heave a sigh of relief that Le Pen has lost and Macron has won, because her victory would have ended the European project, France has a huge challenge ahead of governing itself.

See or Skip? A Preview of This Weekend's Big Movie Releases

At least Covenant is an artistic upgrade to Prometheus, the frustrating 2012 preamble to which it is a direct sequel. While a colonizing ship falls victim to the same inciting incident as 'Passengers' (a space accident causes the crew to wake up in their long-term sleeping pods), they fix the problem and identify a more suitable planet in close proximity.