Chaffetz resignation latest twist in GOP oversight of Trump

The Utah Republican, who converted from Judaism to Mormonism while a student at Brigham Young University, is the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the House's main investigative body. The chairmanship is selected by the Republican Steering Committee , which is led by House speaker Paul Ryan. As calls for an investigation into possible connections between President Donald Trump's campaign and the Kremlin nears a boiling point, some have wondered whether ...

Will Smith defends Netflix at Cannes: It's 'nothing but an absolute benefit'

Smith even broke out into a little dance during the press call. When a reporter noted that ex-juror Kirsten Dunst donned 28 outfits on last year's red carpets, Smith had the one-liners ready. "It should not be part of your everyday setting", said the Spanish filmmaker. "Set in and around Calais as the refugee crisis grows, the film is certainly not short of political relevancy", said Irish Times critic Donald Clarke, who reckons this year's line-up is "the most promising in a decade".

Bedard: Trump

Bedard: Trump "Furious" Over Guilfoyle's Play for Spicer's Job

It's a gruelling job, but only in very specific circumstances have past press secretaries stepped down or been let go after this many days on the job. Guilfoyle added that she has a good relationship with the president, as she's known him and his family for over a decade. Since Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey last week, his administration has stumbled through a series of scandalous mishaps, sparking reports that the mercurial president lays the blame for ...

JUDGE DREDD TV Series Planned

JUDGE DREDD TV Series Planned

A TV show could easily end up being the best format for Judge Dredd, outside of the comics. However, although Dredd 2 is unlikely no matter what Karl Urban says, a TV series is in the works, according to Entertainment Weekly . Judge Dredd is set to make the leap to television, but not the Dredd that fans have eagerly been hoping for. No network is attached to make the show yet, but we think there will be interest.

Will Smith defends Netflix films at Cannes

Will Smith defends Netflix films at Cannes

This year was the first time the festival backed on its policy to only shortlist movies which could premiere in French cinemas. The red carpet has been rolled out and the stars are taking their photo calls as the aristocracy of the film industry gathers at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes for the 70th annual film festival.

Netflix flap results in rules change at Cannes

Shrek became the first animated film to play Cannes since Peter Pan in the "50s". "They are the ideal representation of American cultural imperialism", said Christophe Tardieu, director of the National Cinema Centre, known as the CNC, a state entity that coordinates public financing of films.