Hunnam Compliments Beckham's Performance In King Arthur

If me and you are having fun and making each other laugh then we will make a fun film and hopefully make the audience laugh a little bit.'" Charlie said the new movie features the "originality and fun and cheekiness" that is typical of the director's work.

Donald Trump did not threaten James Comey: White House

The New York Times reported the president asked Comey in January to pledge loyalty to him and that Comey refused to do so. Even after the Obama White House and Justice Department leaders said there was no evidence to support the assertion, Comey repeated it as a possibility.

'SNL' shares outtakes from Melissa McCarthy cruising through the NY streets

At that, McCarthy's Spicer loses it, and takes his moving podium to the streets of NY "to find Trump". Riled by reporters' questions, Spicey embarked on a ( pre-taped ) podium road trip to confront his boss about being fired - all to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel's "Only Living Boy In New York" and finally sharing the stage (and a big kiss) with Alec Baldwin's Trump.

Trump Believes He's The Victim Of 'Witch Hunt' Amid Russia Probe

Trump Believes He's The Victim Of 'Witch Hunt' Amid Russia Probe

Moments later Mr Trump added, "This is the greatest single witch hunt of a politician in American history!" In an article published in People magazine, Obama - according to a friend - thinks Trump is "nothing but a bullsh***er" and his opinion of the current president "hasn't gotten any better" since after the election.

Packed field of Utah candidates vie for Chaffetz seat

On Twitter, Chaffetz said of the Comey memo implicating Trump of urging Comey to discontinue the investigation on Flynn that he needs "to see it sooner rather than later", adding "I have my subpoena pen ready". But, Chaffetz said no one particular investigation is enough to keep him in office, though he did say there were several investigations he wishes he could have finished.

Stars Gather For Pippa Middleton's British Wedding

Stars Gather For Pippa Middleton's British Wedding

But the USA actress failed to appear before cameras. Prince George waves as he leaves in a auto after attending the wedding of his aunt. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile for the cameras after their wedding at St Mark's Church in Englefield, England Saturday, May 20, 2017 .