CBSN Convention Video to Live Stream on Twitter

CBSN Convention Video to Live Stream on Twitter

Presumptive nominees Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, will be sure to give Twitter users and pundits much to discuss and react to during the live streams, which could lead to increased user engagement on Twitter's service - or at least, that's Twitter's hope.

Miley Cyrus 'having second thoughts' about marriage

Miley Cyrus 'having second thoughts' about marriage

Made from leftover brewers' yeast extract and a range of spices, Vegemite is a dark brown paste that is often spread on sandwiches and toast. For those of you who don't know, Vegemite is an Australian version of Marmite. The "Wrecking Ball" singer is said to be having issues with Liam Hemsworth's idea of a good wife. Then in January of this year the young couple apparently got back together and have been officially dating since.

British GP 2016: Lewis Hamilton Silverstone hat-trick boosts title bid

Verstappen was delighted with the way his afternoon went, despite missing out on second place. Hamilton nearly did the same, but retained control as his vehicle twitched. "It was a bit of a tricky start, Max got me and it was an exciting race against him", said Rosberg . Rosberg , who was harshly subjected to boos on the podium, said: "Lewis did a better job over the whole weekend and deserved the win, so congratulations to him".

Chris Evans stepping down from Top Gear

But the first reactions to the show were less than stellar, and the replacements were not able to deliver. In fact, they were terrible. Chris Evans is officially throwing in the white towel and walking away from Top Gear just over a week after the series drew its smallest ratings since 2002.

Black Lives Matter activist McKesson arrested

Numerous people were seen detained, some restrained with zip ties around their wrists, during the fourth night of protests after Alton Sterling was killed by a Baton Rouge police officer on Tuesday in Baton Rouge. "We just want peace". During one demonstration in Dallas on Thursday night, a lone gunman killed five police officers and wounded seven others in what was the deadliest day for U.S.

Prominent philanthropist and social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi has passed away

She was then adopted by Edhi Foundation . Sindh government has announced three days of mourning to be observed in the state where Edhi had migrated from Gujarat after India's partition in 1947. Edhi was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2013 but was unable to get a transplant due to frail health. She said the spirit and commitment of Abdul Sattar Edhi was a message for the nation as to how a single person could install a country-wide network when he bore the burden of a mission to serve ...